The Mask prepares you to accept the 4th Reich

But German Doctors are speaking out!



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5 thoughts on “The Mask prepares you to accept the 4th Reich”

  1. Agree. Let us pray that doctors do speak out courageously. Speaking personally I have recently developed a fear of even going to see my doctor. His office called the other day asking me to make an appointment. No reason was given and I have no idea why. Is this a new phase of THE PLAN? Paranoia comes easily nowadays. And that’s part of THE PLAN.

  2. So true!! Unfortunately, in some parts of the world where people are accustomed to think collectively and not for themselves, many are convinced that there is a pandemic, no matter what the facts are. The 4th Reich has arrived and we MUST DEFY THEIR FAKE AND ILLEGITIMATE MANDATES.

  3. I live in the US. I am surprised at how much of our population is obeying and complying every time they are told to do or not do something by either the news media, the “covid 19” so called “doctors” or our embarrassment of a government – ESPECIALLY the democrats. People I thought were strong independent people are cowering in a corner. It’s crazy and pitiful. I don’t comply, obey or have fear. I don’t wear a mask, social distance or self quarantine. I touch my face. I hate hand sanitizer and won’t use it. I am around my grown sons and their friends and girlfriends. Both my sons go to work every day and socialize with their friends. NONE of us have gotten sick. We have strong immune systems because we keep them working, alert, in shape – by letting the germs in so the immune system doesn’t get weak or forget its JOB. I felt from the beginning there was some sneakiness behind this so called “PANDEMIC”. It’s more like a flu that is being treated like the PLAGUE. I wasn’t fooled and many others weren’t either. I strongly believe that our government wants to test the waters to see how far they can push us before we say no and push back. They keep coming up with new tests : like riots, BLM, looting, assaults etc etc…..the US is at the lowest I have ever seen it. I don’t even know if it will come back to decent during my life time. And I strongly believe that everything going on here in the US is because our government, and whoever they are colluding with, are planning on forcing socialism onto our country. We WON’T ALLOW that. The weak people might be fine with it but the strong people don’t allow the weaklings to dictate a way of life for us and we NEVER will

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