Dr. Guido Hoffman: It’s not medical, it’s about installing world Dictatorship

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Guido Hoffman: It’s not medical, it’s about installing world Dictatorship”

  1. Most people in the world will line up for the “vaccine” thinking things will get back to normality. Alas, the new normality will be the Reign of the Antichrist. We have to pray for the courage to refuse the “vaccine”, even on pain of death.

    1. Catholicus, if the vaccine (or a subsequent one) is the Mark of the Beast, wouldn’t we have to be asked directly whether we choose to renounce Christ? Would it be the Antichrist himself who asks us? Do you foresee that it will be a subsequent vaccine that is the fulfillment of Revelations 13:16-18? Perhaps those who willingly receive the first vaccine rollouts, are likely to be ‘primed’ to receive the actual Mark, because they are already believers in lies.

      1. Good question, Charmaine. It is possible that it is a precursor, or perhaps it implants a microchip that totally distorts one’s spiritual discernment thereby making one totally susceptible to the final Mark of the Beast. But I think the implications of not being able to shop, travel, bank, get medical care, go to school or worship without proof you received the “vaccine” are pretty clear. Brother has outlined here that the “vaccine” alters RNA, sterilizes women, destroys immune systems and makes some people simply drop dead. The fact that this “vaccine” uses aborted baby parts alone lends me to believe it pollutes the spirituality of the recipient. My belief is that the “vaccine” itself is delivered with a tiny microchip, although I can’t prove it at this point. My contention is, that there is enough evidence to know that this “vaccine” is to avoided at all costs. Will they say ” Deny Jesus and take this “vaccine”? Not at this point. But isn’t there enough evidence that a Roman Catholic christian needs to avoid it at all costs? Peace.

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