Remember, “It’s only going to be 2 weeks”?

The Crowhouse channel (Australia) explains the fraud. The seasonal flu is now called by Globalists “Covid 19”. This is done to justify perpetual and eternal slavery. Forced genetic experimentation is now call the Vaccine.

We need to rename Scamdemic officials “Enemies of the State” and act accordingly, or we will be exterminated.

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3 thoughts on “Remember, “It’s only going to be 2 weeks”?”

  1. That’s truly a must see!

    Absolutely Brilliant!

    Common sense from a real live, fully human, elder, grumpy wise man!


  2. No wonder the UK Gov and their Cabinet Office in particular are attempting to GAG Joe Public and obstruct the FOIA 2000. Information is power and the Tories do not like being held accountable.

  3. In this video (5:00-10:00) he talks about what he thinks the PCR test does: damage the blood brain barrier thereby allowing bacteria to enter, causing Encephalitis, and also introduce nanotech.
    Here Dr. James Giordano of Georgetown explains the urgency for and method of brain manipulation in warfare (we’re the enemies of course).
    In this one Celeste Solum, a Protestant onetime FEMA operative, says the PCR test magnetically tags people, at best.
    This appears to show the fibers on the swab are metallic and actually move when separated.
    I hope this isn’t true or possible but I realize true hope is only for the next world.

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