Konrad Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: This is Armageddon

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Which you can also watch directly on Rumble. I posted the direct link, because this video is being hidden by Rumble on its search engine, since it exposes the Masonic takeover of the world.

There is also a YouTube version, which will probably be banned in a few hours:


Here is another version on UgeTube.com

Here is another version on Brighteon, part I

And Brigteon, part II

This video is now on several platforms:








This video is being translated into Polish, and the link to the polish version will be published here as soon as it is completed.


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10 thoughts on “Konrad Stachnio interviews Br. Bugnolo: This is Armageddon”

  1. Overwhelming tour de force! Bravissimo!
    Mr.Stachino’s questions were exacting and well-focused. Brother coolly, decisively and resolutely explained how centuries of Masonic activation of the multilateral forces of the Anti-Christ have inexorably enabled the unprecedented tyranny of Church and State that we suffer today.

    Given the increasing power of the Morloch masters (cf. HG Wells’ TIME MACHINE), how are the Eloi, clueless and cannibalized, to escape? Wells thought it was science fiction to describe the future world as separated into “ranchers” and “livestock.”

    People may or may not be “waking up” but unless God steps in to do the heavy lifting, how can we win?

      1. I know, but I don’t recall that the fact that one leg points forward and the other backwards, was noted at the time. Once it’s pointed out, it’s as clear as day.

      2. Bergoglio’s cross is pagan in design and meaning. Traditional Byzantine iconography featured only the hallowed and the haloed: images of God, crucified on earth or glorified in Heaven, or “iconic” saints who were in His presence and mirrored His light. Portable blessed icons often took the forms of rings and crosses which bore the corpus of Christ or Scripture abbreviations and precious jewels; many containing tiny relics of a saint or of the True Cross. Sacred art was never signed (God was the real artist), and forbidden to be bought or sold.
        The Begoglian pectoral is none of those things. There is nothing mystical or inspired about a flimsily clad youth with goofy smirk, arms crossed and head yoked by a dead sheep, and standing his ground, legs spread in a resolutely dominant, immovable posture, oblivious to the grazing gaggle of rams and ewes behind. The mass-produced silver papal cross frequently bears the artist’s signature (Vedele), and is for sale online and gift shops everywhere.

        Art historians will recognize pre-Christian stereotypes, for example the pose of the Pharaohs in Egyptian statuary. In life and mummified in death, they were idealized as god-like with power symbols in hand, arms crossed over their chest. Greek sculptors in the 6th century BC developed the Kouros model, “the common man,” a poorly- covered shepherd or goatherd or cowherd with “archaic smile” and holding in his arms, or cross-bodied, one of his animals. These symbolized Greek glorification of the natural world.

        Freemasons admire this cross. The posture of the youth mimics the cross-armed gestures in Illuminati ceremonies, honoring the pantheism of the pharaohs and the “Osirian mysteries” of life, death, and resurrection. The “dove” above copies the logo of the “Ordo Templi Orientis,” the wings mimicking the horns of Hathor, daughter of the sun god, whose rays and spells stream down on the shepherd.
        At a televised Vatican “Christmas concert” in 2019, bishops were photographed, arms folded across their chests, part of a Pachamama worship ritual led by an Amazonian witch. Wasn’t what followed the global putsch of the Covid religion?

  2. “People don’t yet realize how much they need to resist. This is not going to stop. This is not going to end…We are already in the Fourth Reich.. This is the greatest crime in the history of humanity…This is Armageddon…” Such an excellent interview!! I didn’t know that Hitler fled to Argentina or that the Masonic banks funded WW1 and WW2. Thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for explaining the truth about the scamdemic and the Masonic power grab. Great job to the interviewer also. You are right that the people who are most resistant to the scamdemic are those who don’t watch TV (and those who have a strong faith in God). I don’t have cable TV, I only read alternative media sites, and I’ve never worn a mask. Live not by lies…live free or die!

  3. is there a mp3 recording available? Is there a method to download this video just in case it disappears from the web?

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