Fr. Altman: Don’t be a guinea pig!


by Fr. James Altman

Reprinted from his Parish Bulletin

Dear family, The “covid-19” injection is NOT a vaccine, PERIOD. It is NOT an injection of a lesser version of the illness but rather an experimental use of a genetic altering substance that modifies YOUR BODY – YOUR Temple of the Holy Spirit. It is NOT a vaccine, and the use of that word bears False Witness to the Truth. Please READ the bulletin insert and the referenced LINKS to articles.

For the record, dear family, all three Injections currently authorized for use in the United States by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, ARE EXPERIMENTAL. There is no science of any kind that takes them out of the category “EXPERIMENTAL.”

Clinical trials are ongoing but, obviously, they are completely incomplete. My understanding is that normally it is at least a 2-year process of experimenting on a few – and then, and only then, might a medi- cine get approved as something other than merely


In short, there has been no satisfactory longitudinal studies on any “vaccine” for Covid- 19. None. Zero. Zip. THEREFORE. IT. IS. EXPERIMENTAL.

Thus, as has been the case since the first needle was shoved into someone’s arm injecting some- thing, these INJECTIONS have been granted ONLY, quote: Emergency Use Authorization a/k/a EUA status … ONLY.

EUA status is distinct from being “approved” or “licensed” vaccinations and as such, can NOT be mandated by public or private entities.

Therefore, it is diabolical for anyone to virtue-signal/shame/compel you to take such an experi- mental drug – making you nothing other than a GUINEA PIG. How does that make you feel? How does it make you feel to see the government, the media and even some in the Catholic Church shaming you into being a GUINEA PIG?

God damns bearing false witness against others that cause harm. The proponents of this Injection are bearing false witness. Unfortunately, that includes both laity and clergy alike. As to clergy, it particu- larly is egregious because clergy have one job to do: attend to your eternal salvation.

Understand this and think long and hard before YOU become a Guinea Pig:

1. If the Injection actually worked, there would be no need for any masking of any kind. 2. If the Injection actually worked, you would not get Covid-19, but people do.
3. If the Injection actually worked, the Godless powers would not have to mislead nor
4. If the Injection actually worked, no one who actually took it would have any cause for fearing anyone who did not. They would be “safe” even if you coughed in their face. Therefore, their use of peer pressure to force you into Godless conformity is damnable.
threaten you to take it.
5. If the Injection actually worked, there would be no need for the Godless media giants to “cancel” and shut down any opposing views and any contrary SCIENTIFIC STUDIES.
6. They are LYING to your FACE about “following the science.” The ONLY “sciiiiiience” they will allow is their own “science” which conveniently supports their whole agenda.





EDITOR’S NOTE:  Father Altman is a social media phenomena, ever since last spring when he publicly rebuked the clergy for not executing their divine duty to rebuke sinners in public. Father’s virtue is even more admirable in that he is a former banker and lawyer.

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10 thoughts on “Fr. Altman: Don’t be a guinea pig!”

  1. Dear Father:
    Thank you for your courage.. I am not getting this.. heavy on my heart.. concerned about little babies cell lines who have been used.. how can that be helpful..or in Jesus and Blessed Mothers
    heart for us.. my family…..

  2. Thank you Father, you could not have said it better…

    “Therefore, it is diabolical for anyone to virtue-signal/shame/compel you to take such an experi- mental drug – making you nothing other than a GUINEA PIG.”

    “As to clergy, it particu- larly is egregious because clergy have one job to do: attend to your eternal salvation.”

  3. God Bless and protect you dear Fr Altman for speaking TRUTH. How lacking it is in our culture. I wish I could multiply you thousands of times. Our church is in trouble but God will prevail. Linda V Syracuse NY

  4. Your Fr. Altman,
    Husband and I pray for you regularly. You are the voice in the wilderness that we all need! We feel the same way we have been shouting from the rooftops the truth to help people make informed decisions about mask wearing and the shot. We are so surprised at the amount of people at our Catholic Parish including our pastor and many medical people that think that this shot will save them from death. I continue to pray for all of these Sheeple in our midst, in our circles, and in our families. May the Lord bless you. Keep up the fight we need to stand together with God‘s blessing and enlightenment. Come Holy Spirit! I would like to be able to see you in the Detroit area in June. I am working on that right now. Would like to bring some folks with me who are like-minded! Take care and stay healthy now. We love you Fr. Altman!
    —-Annette Collins
    —-Stuart Collins

  5. Thank you Father Altman
    You are a true Shepherd! You talk about what others won’t.
    Volunteers not Victims are destroying our Catholic Church and Jesus commandments!
    I am praying for people to wake up!

  6. Fr. Altman is putting great emphasis on the experimental nature of these vaccines, which is spot on. The vaccines have been rushed through trials to market without any animal testing or long range clinical studies, which will not be completed until 2023. Therefore, the current advertising of these vaccines as safe is, at the very least, misleading if not a lie. Current VEARS data raises all kinds of questions concerning the safety of these vaccines, including over 4,000 deaths between mid December of last year and mid May of this year following vaccinations. This is more deaths than recorded from all previous vaccines combined over the past 15 years. Also, by admittance of CDC itself, the vaccines do not provide complete immunity. They can only reduce the severity of the virus, hopefully keeping people out of the hospital and from death. This is why the CDC now only considers breakthrough cases as those that lead to hospitalization, i.e. simply contracting a mild case of the virus is not considered a breakthrough with respect to the effectiveness of the vaccine. Thus vaccinated people can still be infected and possibly spread the virus

    1. Unfortunately, only about a quarter of the total reports of deaths and injuries, as it is required to do, has been submitted.

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