Cardinal Zen: Traditionis Custodes issued to humiliate Pope Benedict XVI

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6 thoughts on “Cardinal Zen: Traditionis Custodes issued to humiliate Pope Benedict XVI”


    1. I am a Catholic in the Diocese of Hong Kong.

      I disagree, though I do not disagree with asking for God to bless him or any other person.

      Cardinal Zen is good at making noise – particularly on political issues – but is fully Modernist, as the letter demonstrates.

      He made no public attempt to protest the cancellation of public Masses last year – Hong Kong was the first Diocese in the world to suppress public Masses voluntarily.

      He made no public attempt to protest the prohibition of reception of Holy Communion on the tongue and the suppression of other traditional practices.

      When I and others repeatedly tried to protest all of these measures as they were rolled out last year to him and to all the Hong Kong Diocesan Prelates, none of us even received courtesy acknowledgements, let alone replies.

      1. And in fact, Cardinal Zen is a Rampolla bishop, just like Bergoglio, as they both trace their episcopal lineages back to the arch Mason, Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro, Secretary of State to Leo XIII and rival to Pope St. Pius X in the conclave of 1903.

  2. People are complex, nobody’s perfect, not even the canonised saints; only Our Lord and our Lady.
    Even a Rampolla bishop can do good. Look for the good where we find it. Remember, Pope Benedict started out as a naive modernist, but gradually wised up as. he was where the ideology was going. Which of us has not been misled, but found out later that we needed to rethink our lives and values for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven? Remember St Francis Borgia, “the white sheep of his family.” We can overcome our original bad orientations. We have free will. We can recognise God’s will and do it to the best of our abilities, despite our flaws and negative character traits

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