When Catholics want to restore Civilization, it’s waiting for them to buy

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An Abbey with 1800 acres of land;  just 23,000,000 Euro

A Castle: just 6,300,000 Euro

A Fortress, fit for a Duke: price available upon request

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13 thoughts on “When Catholics want to restore Civilization, it’s waiting for them to buy”

  1. By the grace of God my mother left an 8 acre spread in trust, where I’ll be headed shortly. Well water, pot belly stove, fireplace, plenty of chopped wood, septic tank, 1000 gallon propane tank underground, 2 gardens, cheap taxes. If that’s not a gift from God I don’t know how else to explain it. God will be providing whatever we need. If we don’t believe that then there will be no place to hide, even under ground.

    1. You lucky thing you! Am green with jealousy, not a grave sin! Ha Ha, methinks the Good Lord has forgiven me.
      Can I be cheeky and ask for an invite to get away from this globalist reign of terror.

    2. Joan,
      Oh how fortunate you are! I’ve been looking a for country place that I can afford, but am a bit nervous to branch out on my own. Let me know if you want/need a tenant (and her big, beautiful dog) who would be willing to clean house, help work the garden, and pay rent until my money runs out!! LOL! Don’t know how soon we need to be serious about getting out of the cities, but I just hope I’m able when it’s time.
      May God bless you and keep you safe.

    3. Yes I do believe it will be used as a boarding house of sorts, for priests escaping persecution. That’s what the Holy Spirit is telling me. I’ve been in touch with someone who is acting as a liason. We’re not there yet but I see it happening probably in 2-3 years.

  2. Dear Brother,
    Your thoughts/inspirations are very positive and interesting. Have you looked at Islands for sale? Also perhaps Hungary/poland/I know-where does God want this? Also possibly begin an ongoing novena to the Holy Spirit? Maybe recite Veni Sancti Spiritus daily. We around the world can pray together with you for this cause. Also invite very HOLY priests, nuns and laity to make up prayer rule to be observed by them daily as Spiritual Defense daily if/when successful purchase is made and lived. It will definately take a miracle, but God is in that business, too! Can you please re post your telephone/skype info? Thank you for all you do.

    1. Islands are risky unless you can defend yourself from Pirates and hide from the Navy.

  3. P.S. i know you have probably thought many and more questions and suggestions I offered. Just thinking out loud and will start to pray about this serously; starting Veni Sancte Spiritus today.

    1. I know but how does one defend from the army, airforce, marines, National Guarda, local law, sheriffs, ad nauseum.
      Wa@0 and R♡b! RI&ge on steroids…
      Which is why it will be a bona fide miracle to pull off or an opportunity for a straight ticket to st. Peter..or both…imho

  4. Vengono in mente le bellissime mura di Avila, e quindi il Castello di Santa Teresa.
    Spero davvero che molti potranno ringraziare il Re per aver pensato a loro con la sua consueta grandezza!

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