Catholics at Rome, pray in public in Communion with Pope Benedict: Schedule

The Catholics at Rome know that Pope Benedict XVI is their pope, since he never resigned the papacy, only retired from the ministry. As a public witness, the Church of Rome has gathered in prayer for Pope Benedict XVI for the past 18 months, nightly. Now, with increasing requests for moments of prayer in public, Catholics in Rome will be able to gather at 9 AM local time for the recitation of the Divine Office in Latin at the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, where the relics of the True Cross, Christ’s Crown of Thorns, and Holy Nails are kept. They will pray the ancient office to show that the true Church embraces Her ancient liturgy. Click the image above for the official announcement of times, at the official website of the Roman Catholic Church in communion with Pope Benedict: ChiesaRomana.Info.

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