Slovenia institutes Phase 2 DeathVaxx Passport, without it nothing but food and medicine!

Commentary and English summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The dreaded extension of the DeathVaxx Passport, to make buying gasoline illegal without it, has been imposed in Slovenia, the former Austrian Duchy of Carinthia, which borders Italy in the NE.

As of September 15, no one in the territory of Slovenia is allowed to enter any public or commercial building, nor even a gas station, without the DeathVaxx Passport. Even food stores and pharmacies which are inside such buildings are off limits to those without the DeathVaxx Passport.

However, if a supermarket or pharmacy is freestanding the DeathVaxx Passport is not required, yet.  Even hospitals are off limits except in cases of emergency.

The new regulation was imposed suddenly by a Decree of the Government, outside of the normal legislative or constitutional procedure.

Minor riots and disturbances broke out almost immediately in the capital.

I have been hypothesizing that such a move was 6-12 months off for Italy, but even I am surprised that a nation in the European Union has taken this move, seeing that the Council for Human Rights, which is has treaty authority over all members decreed in June that the DeathVaxx Passport could never be used to discriminate against anyone.  I had assured my readers that that meant nothing, since politicians everywhere have shown 100% disregard for law, order, constitution, morality, science, logic and medicine ever since the Scamdemic broke.

If you did not think the Plandemic is all about a nude grab for power, wake up and smell the coffee. It’s coming to a Dictator near you.

FromRome.Info asks that its readers in Slovenia keep us informed of the situation, which is now very grave. Without gasoline one cannot even work or flee the country. Such a move, which could be declared at any moment, means that if you are NOT stocking up on gasoline, benzine, or diesel fuel now, you are a sitting duck.

It is now clear that the DeathVaxx Passport is the Mark of the Beast.

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7 thoughts on “Slovenia institutes Phase 2 DeathVaxx Passport, without it nothing but food and medicine!”

  1. And just how long do you expect the Unvaccinated to be allowed to buy food and medicine in this disgusting dictatorship? Time for the citizens to revolt and stand up for their rights against Global Genocide!

      1. Only since Tito’s death & break-up of Yugoslavia. The newly emerged nations have yet to prove themselves as they were dominated by a socialist dictator (although not completely aligned with USSR certainly sympathetic) who could not be voted out of office. Eastern Germany is another example of how hard it is for any former socialist/communist-controlled state to shake off the shackles. 1990 isn’t history yet & those of us who remember the communist era are very sceptical of its demise. Scratch the surface & fidelity to old regimes will rise again.

    1. Albania is crawling with Terrorists sponsored by the CIA who train there for ops in the Mideast. If I went there, I would definitely catch a non-stray bullet…

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