5 thoughts on “USA: Massive persecution of Patriots in US Military begins”

  1. Of course Traitor Biden wants to disarm the military so that China can easily invade and take over the United States, just as Milley had negotiated with President Xi of the CCP.

    1. He’s not weakening the military, he’s strengthening the population.
      Remember this part?
      “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, -“

  2. Not a vaccine Application only claims reduced symptoms .Initially claimed 95+% efficacy.Actual now about 65%.Does not prevent getting Co vid or prevent vaccinated from carrying and spreading it.FDAand big pharmacy colluded to get protection of not being able to sue for negative effects or death.12000+ USA 43000+ Europe ( represents 1-10% of actual)( law from 1960 s prevents suits for vaccines)Vaccinated being hospitalized.Stop war on unvaccinated as vaccinated are getting Co vid ,carrying Co vid and causes others to get covid.Why are not hospitals advising of excellent treatments for coved,which make dying from it extremely rare.Do not go with hyped “cases” they are meaningless.Look at deaths.Death numbers no longer qualify the present situation as ” pamdemic” Mandates,executive,corporate demands are not defensible and should be null and void

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