The Plandemic is being executed with Trauma-Inflicting Mind Control Techniques

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8 thoughts on “The Plandemic is being executed with Trauma-Inflicting Mind Control Techniques”

  1. Excellent video, short and to the point.
    Mind control is so powerful, and people get pulled into it.
    I’m so glad I don’t have a TV – but I have an iPad! Still, I think the TV is worse for brainwashing.
    I think I will feel more understanding towards the people who are terrified of the non-existent virus. Today an elderly woman backed away from me as I spoke to her, she put two masks on, and then a face shield, before she would speak to me and then quickly flew past me! Poor thing, she looked scared.

  2. Whole worldwide situation was immediately suspect from the first report of the virus and the speed at which the whole world shut down as though planned before it happened.

    MANY HAVE NO FEAR at all and are cognizant of dark forces behind their man made veil.

  3. I calmly watched the news those first few weeks in March 2020 and gave the benefit of doubt when they shut down schools. Then when they shut only certain businesses, I thought “wait a minute what’s going on”. Once nearly ALL churches, masses, and sacraments worldwide closed to the people I knew without a doubt this whole narrative was DIABOLICAL.

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