12 thoughts on “The Globalists Dictatorships are now moving to violate the Nuremberg Code”

  1. Those people in the Northern territories are predominantly Aboriginals and do not deserve to be rounded up like animals and taken from their homes. This is a crime. That fellow (Premier?) is a savage. He will be tried and imprisoned.

    1. I’m well aware that you didn’t make this Video Fra, but I’m not sure if you actually watched it. There’s quite a load if swear words in.

      1. I cannot control others as to whether they swear or not. I deplore it. And my readers know that some of the videos are republished here not because they have swears in them, but because of other truths which they contain which are urgent for the moment.

  2. Who says there should be only one hitler, and that he can not be “she”? Besides: apparently women working as capos in concentration camps were as ruthless as men, if not more.

  3. They produced billions of those vs, what are they going to do with them now? Do you think they didn’t ask govts to force them on people, in case people refuse to comply? One can only wonder, how they convinced those in power to force it on people.

  4. So many of us knew these concentration camps were coming, we tried to warn people and were called conspiracy nut case wackos! Many of these camps have crematoriums built on the same property. I have seen the paperwork for the ones in the U.S. and they have some extra special horrors waiting for us. They have no intention of letting us go back home and our deaths will all be labeled as covid . Sadly so many will believe this! As for these “politicians” we are no longer dealing with humans.

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