25 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo talks with world famous, Dr. Zelenko about the Globalists & their threat to humanity”

  1. Thanks . People it’s all happening. The Book of Revelation is coming true . We are at the start . One thing to look out for is that the beast will be wounded and then healed . There will be many signs .

  2. good information on selection of marriage partner if they have been vaxxed. i wonder if someone has taken the Zelenko protocol after catching Covid or getting vaxxed if that could bring them back in the zone of consideration for marriage or is it still risky?

    1. Well since it has not been proven that SarsCov2 exists, one must presume as a default that if anyone has Covid-19 syndrome, they are really sick by something else, like vaccine poisoning with graphene hydroxide, or some other toxin or pathogen or doses of the spike protein. And in that case, one would have to evaluate. I am not a Docctor, however.

      1. if those who survived the poisoning could be considered as “humans” again as per Dr. Zelenko that would widen the zone of consideration for marriage by a significant number since in the urban clusters in India everyone is vaccinated.

        I have personally seen the recovered have long term fatigue etc. but i wonder what the position is on these individuals who have survived for definition of “human” and considering them for marriage.

        i hope we don’t end up in an avoidable relationship but also don’t end up missing good opportunities for personal relations or excluding someone to our detriment.

      2. Those who received a DeathVaxx will be dead within 1-10 years. Their reproductive organs are irreparable damaged and if they have children, their children might have damaged DNA. It is not advisable to think of marrying anyone who has taken the Vaxx unless it can be shown they got a fake vaccine, which was nothing more than saline solution.

    1. Br. Bugnolo Around 43:33 – 43:43 you mention suggesting a battery of blood exams, which ones did you recommend to the person?

    1. Agree these videos are fantastic I so look forward to hear Brother and Dr Z together exchanging viewpoints

  3. God Bless you Br Bognolo. I’m starting to understand that detachment and growing in virtue is the andidote. Please pray for me Brother that I will be granted the gift of prayer. Viva Christo Rey.

  4. Both the virus and the vaccine have the potential to cause iron deregulation due to the furin receptor added to the spike protein. Treating those who experience iron deregulation from either the virus or the disease for a period of time until their iron is regulated is key to fighting disease and maintaining health.
    The proper balance of furin which regulates hepcidin which regulates iron is necessary in fighting disease and maintaining health.

  5. I apologize. That should read:

    Both the virus and the vaccine have the potential to cause iron deregulation due to the furin receptor added to the spike protein. Treating those who experience iron deregulation from either the virus or the vaccine for a period of time until their iron is regulated is key to fighting disease and maintaining health. The proper balance of furin which regulates hepcidin which regulates iron is necessary in fighting disease and maintaining health.
    This is a disease of iron deregulation. Having the proper balance of hepcidin will support one’s immune system and enable one to fight many types of diseases, including Covid19.

  6. Brother Bugnolo, thank you for your work; Related to the misconception of science, touched briefly in this video: Have you read the work of Wolfgang Smith? His work gives back the glory to the Catholic church stolen through centuries by “rationalists” and “naturists”. It is mind-blowing, and a boost to the faith. It destroys the spell of the scientistic belief that most modern people have without knowing. https://www.angelicopress.org/wolfgang-smith-author-bio

  7. well, since the man who host this round table hasn’t responded on Cross Azure, the audio broke up when Dr. Zelenko mentions the mentor of Schwab and the Clintons, what is this woman’s name?

  8. Anneliese Michel: the Girl, the Possession, the Exorcisms. The Full Picture. | Documentary

    Anneliese’s is a disturbing testimony, but it is worth listening to, because it gives a sufficiently clear idea of ​​the total and irreparable abjection into which fall all those who do NOT want to believe that such a horror exists, if they do not run for cover before death, all those who do NOT want to know the true purpose of human life, all those who live as if God did NOT exist, all those who, by doing so, place themselves under the dominion of lucifer / satan, who after his expulsion from Heaven, pursues only one goal: the eternal ruin of souls, which in any case cannot be achieved without their consent, generally expressed with the habitual violation of the Decalogue given by God to man exclusively for his own good. The Mother of God, she already said, showing Hell to the three little shepherds of Fatima (1917), that souls fall in like snowflakes. In the most recent 70s, plagued by the unstoppable fall of souls into the horrid abyss, she asked Anneliese if she was willing to sacrifice herself for their salvation. The young German girl born and raised in a deeply Catholic family, after some understandable fear, she agreed. She soon began to be tormented by demons, including a damned priest Fleischmann and even Lucifer, Cain, Hitler, Judas, whose screams strangled by desperate hatred are heard. After a few years, the young woman died exhausted by the terrible experience, but she finally freed, deserving to go directly to Heaven. Anneliese Michel is an authentic martyr, who has left us a fundamental testimony on the existence of Hell and the very serious risks that souls run from falling into it and remaining there for all eternity. Each of us is responsible for his own life, which he will have to one day (sure as death), accountable to the Creator for him. It is useless, as well as harmful, to create self-justifications by comparing ourselves with others, who we assume are worse than us. We are not God. We are creatures who necessarily depend on Him in a relationship that is not at all of slavery, which will end, in those who have actively corresponded to His Love, in the unimaginable happiness and splendors of Paradise.
    “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me ”. – Jn 14: 1-6 “This is eternal life: that they know You, the only true God, and Him whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” Jn 17.3

    For a formidable knowledge of Jesus Christ, on which the eternal salvation of our souls depends, God has given humanity, in anticipation of what is happening and what will happen:

    If you could read it a thousand times (hyperbolic figure, because it would take a thousand years to do so), you would discover that you have not yet exhausted the knowledge of it, because God is infinite and eternity will not be enough to discover and understand the depth and breadth of His Love, first and foremost His attribute, from which all others derive. It goes without saying that losing eternal life means falling into eternal death, that is, into Hell, where the soul continues to live (because it is immortal), moreover, with an intensity and lucidity never experienced in this life, (because of the strong conditioning of the body wounded by the original sin and by the current ones), in the devastating despair of having lost God FOREVER and, as if that were not enough, of having to endure the company and the terrifying sight of lucifer / satan, his unbearable stench and suffer, without escape, the tortures that he and his demons unleash on the damned. All this also makes us understand why Christ, in order to save man from such an atrocious condemnation, had to suffer (it should be just the case of say it) the pains of Hell and, consequently, the extreme seriousness of life. Keeping your head in the sand, thinking that Hell is a medieval belief overtaken by the progress of science or a scarecrow created by priests, is not only useless, but extremely dangerous, because not wanting to take responsibility BEFORE GOD for one’s life, means a accumulation of knots over time and not dissolved in time, which risk irreparably strangling our soul. It is urgently necessary to entrust oneself to and pray to the Mother of God whom God Himself has established as the dispenser of His graces. Every person and every people, who do not love Her and even despise Her, already have one foot in Hell, because God does not forgive those who offend and despise His Mother.

  9. At minute 33:44, Dr. Zelenko says it clearer than water: “Anyone who’s been vaccinated is no longer a human being. It’s some other species.” Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, but I immediately disagree with him, because humanity is not defined by accidental changes of the genome…And St. John the Apocalypse concurrs, since God seeks repentence from them and they are stilled called men…

  10. Very useful video at the ordo-militaris website. Thanks for sharing. Around 21 minute mark you mention that the concerned 22 year old will be taking the tests again after 3 months which would have been in December 2021. Any updates in that regard/?

    There is an immune assay which measures CD4 CD8 cell counts , that might be additionally useful to see if the person is progressively suffering a deterioration in immunity. I suggest this test in addition to the tests you had recommended so as to take into account the effect of HIV insertions in the spike protein.

  11. It is such a privilege to hear two intelligent, moral, ethical and wise men of God dialoguing about the various aspects threatening the whole world with this present darkness. Such sweet words of God’s wisdom for this time coming out of the holiday season for both the Jewish and Christian people is glorious for the soul. Such an act of the greatest ‘charity’ for humanity…TRUTH offering hope for the future when so many have been seduced by the ‘wolf-crying terror-monger censors’ breeding such chaos, confusion, destruction and death with joy. Were they not so seemingly frantic in sewing the seeds of insanity; who would ever imagine this?
    Dr. Zelenko; heard about your protocol very early in this scamdemic Bio-Warfare. It was perhaps around the time in the beginning when Coronavirus presented in the Jewish Community. Added N-Acetyl L-Cystein to the Protocol as advised by another physician on Ingraham Angle and have not suffered a moment of fear even though my whole family had Covid around Christmas 2020; a few becoming reasonably ill and I helped care for them . I didn’t have it; however, I expect to get it at some point.
    Gentlemen, the moral/political threat to the world has been far more concerning for us. Indeed, none of what’s happened has been a surprise for me since hearing Bill Maher state, “We need a recession or we’re going to have to have him (Trump) for four more years.” Wa-la, major tyranny as expected and right on target for election year. Bio-Warfare extraordinaire with all the trimmings on top. Faith is even growing through this time as we watch the evil exposed more and more…How dastardly and wicked these evil people are.
    “Hear, O Israel, the Lord is One God. Deut 6:4. May God bless and keep you both and make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace (Numbers 6:24-26). Thank-you!!!

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