FRANCE: Parliament filibusters Govt. proposal to introduce Vaccine Passport

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6 thoughts on “FRANCE: Parliament filibusters Govt. proposal to introduce Vaccine Passport”

  1. Discussions in lower chamber of French parliament will be starting again from 5 p.m. today.
    No doubt for me that the startng time was maliciuosly set to push the debate into late night, to have it approved by the very few left.

    Yesterday, from available images it appears that the present deputies were about one forth during the day.

    A real shame for the country of the “man’s rights” !

    1. That’s what happened when the Irish Dail ie Parliament sat late at night members drinking and carousing when the signed for Repeal of the 8th and brought in abortion to Ireland in May 2018

  2. The following EXCERPTS are taken from-

    Marie-Julie Jahenny

    [The information below is taken from E.A. Bucchianeri’s original monumental 590 page book “We Are Warned- The prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny” which can be read in its entirety here.


    The God Given Miracle Child

    The French Revolution (1789-1799) brought many upheavals upon the political sphere. After the dissolution and decimation of the monarchy, a turbulent battle for power between the various democratic factions and attempts to restore the monarchy continually erupted, all compounded with the rise of Napoleon and his self-appointed coronation as Emperor of France in the early 1800s. For years, three factions were at odds in the jostle to restore order to the country; royalists called Ligitimists attempting to restore the absolute monarchy, republicans favouring a full democratic republic, and those supporting the Napoleonic house called the Bonapartists, who now believed these imperial descendants had a right to the throne of France. Our Lord said to Marie-Julie on May 28, 1877: “Ever since Louis XVI died on the scaffold, France is threatened with danger and misfortune.”

    Henry the Count of Chambord (full name Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d’Artois, Duke de Bordeaux, Count de Chambord) was born on the feast day of St. Michael September 29, 1820. His birth was declared a miracle by the Royalists for he arrived seven months after his father Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, the youngest son of King Charles X, was brutally knifed to death by a Bonapartist on February 13, 1820. Henry’s father, the Duke of Berry was the last direct male heir to the throne in the Bourbon line and the royalists waited with trepidation, not knowing if a male heir would be born. If not, the direct branch of the heaven-blessed line of the royal house would become permanently extinct. Hope flamed again with the birth of Henry, he was given the name Dieudonné, ‘God-given’ or ‘gift from God’, in recognition of the miracle sent from heaven. He was also called the ‘miracle child’ by his supporters.

    Then, just when the throne was within his reach, Henry made a courageous stand for his Catholic faith and for the true restoration of his throne, proclaiming his famous Declaration of the White Flag on July 5, 1871, announcing he would never abandon the White Standard of the Kings, the emblem of his ancestors, the flag of Henry IV, Francis I and Joan de Arc. He rejected any compromise suggesting that the fleur-de-lys would be only his personal royal standard while the tricolour of the Republic would remain the national flag. In all, his defiant position symbolised a return the Ancient Régime: he would rule as the absolute monarch, not as a sham figurehead held bound by a democratic constitution as was currently presented to him. The white flag of the absolute monarchy was to prevail throughout the land or not at all.

    Our Lady confirmed on March 25, 1874 he was ‘Henry V’. That could be none other than the Count du Chambord, the last direct French descendant of the royal Bourbon line.

    Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) declared the Emperor would be named Henry.

    St. Michael will Give Assistance, Destruction of the Freemasons:

    St. Michael (September 29, 1879) “This is how we march on the borders of France, bearing the banner and the sword. I hold under my feet all the enemies of God and all (that is of) Freemasonry. I will exterminate them and the Justice of God will complete (it) and will crush them under the weight of His anger. Meanwhile, marching to France and on the borders of France, we will accomplish our duty. When it is completed, when the kingdom of God will commence and peace restored, we will march on Rome for France must devote itself to the defence of the Holy See…”

    Mankind Cannot Bring Back the King, Only Christ Can:

    Our Lord (August 5, 1879). “Do not look for another Saviour.

    Do not rely on men! My Divine Heart alone will save the kingdom. (France)” And again: “Do not expect anything of the rulers of today.” … “At the time I will save My people, it will not be by any power of men, My Divine Heart alone will save the kingdom which will no longer be in a shameful disorder where the impious reign in full triumph. …”

    1. The problem is that it is not clear if she wrote these things or if they were invented by a fake count pushing a restoration of the monarchy a century later

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