The Nations which require the DeathVaxx Passport to enter Church

Editor’s Note: This is a direct attack on Jesus Christ. Worse still are those parishes and Dioceses, which refuse entry to churches for the unVaxxed. I have not seen a complete list of these. If you know of any, list them in the comments below. If you know of a report on that, share a link to it below.

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3 thoughts on “The Nations which require the DeathVaxx Passport to enter Church”

  1. In New Zealand the critical mention is this: “There has been no pushback from Catholic bishops”(to the government mandates) In fact the diocese requirements go further than government requirements.
    I have been to Mass once since August because of the complete lockdowns and then the segregation and limited numbers Masses for unvaxxed! The Mass I went to could not be called a Mass. Mask wearing compulsory, no holy water font, but must “sterilize” hands in sanitizer before entering. Not even allowed to remove your mask to take the Eucharist. Not allowed on the tongue, in the hand only and you’re forced to carry the Eucharist all the way back to your pew, then you may remove your mask partly to consume the Eucharist, then put the mask back on. No singing. Huge gaps between pews. Whole pews blocked off with “do not cross” tape. If you arrive at Mass and you’re no. 26 at an unvaxxed Mass (which is few and far between anyway), you’re turned away. No Sunday Masses for the unvaxxed. We had no Christmas service either. I could go on and on. What an unholy affair. I have not been back! The Catholic Church in NZ is in Schism, not me…

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