US Supreme Court Strikes down Biden’s nationwide DeathVaxx Obligation

Editor’s Note: If this illegal act of Biden caused you to be DeathVaxxed or to lose your job, I advise you to seek immediate legal counsel and to sue your employer, if necessary.

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3 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Strikes down Biden’s nationwide DeathVaxx Obligation”

  1. Good but more to go. First this is not a vaccine, it’s not providing protection for anything either. It’s either got saline for placebo to some ingredients of a crazy wide variety, the most dangerous is said graphene hydroxide, and it has graphene oxide, and mRNA spike hydra gel, and whatever witchcraft spell items. Needing mask mandates over and major apologies via MSM who led this on. And there should be such a shot or masks. There should be widespread education this rollout was an act of war. I haven’t figured out who is mfg the kill ingredients. Stew Peters just did a show, “when a shipment is partially toxic the whole shipment needs to be confiscated, just as the military just did” 250/5000 nasal swabs with flesh eating bacteria. With that all done, we are still experiencing what’s obviously the same elements of beings creating really horrific weather, and they can put poison in anything packaged, pills, boxes, canned. The war needs to be declared and I can’t eat my yogurt that just arrived from Amazon with a needle looking puncture through the 2 lids. There’s killers I think self appointing themselves in some cases maybe at random. How did that yogurt get punctured straight through the middle of the 2 lids? It might be fine but no reason to take chances.

  2. For what reason, WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO LULL US with this.
    There is certainly, only for the moment, a presently unknown reason.
    FOLLOW THE TRUTH that we all have experienced so far in this scamdemic age in which we are now living.

    One perfect psychological torture method is to implement everything that they have already implemented against us; and then they relaxed the torture somewhat; then they repeat the torture by moving the goal posts; then they tightened up the torture again; then they relaxed the torture a bit in order to implement something that is more expedient and more important to the torturers to accomplish in their plot and plan;
    and so on, and so on, and so on as we have already endured.

    The USE OF FEAR has been repeatedly employed in order to manipulate, program, and CONTROL THE MINDS of human beings throughout the world. You have already experienced this for many decades. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS TRUTH.

    The never ending plot and plan of the elitist globalist cabal
    [ a.k.a. the 13 families at the top ] is yet to be fully carried out for sure. They will not stop until they have achieved everything. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS.

    If they accomplish THEIR FINAL SOLUTION once and for all, the world will belong to them, they will own everyone and everything, and those slaves allowed to survive will serve
    satan along with their masters who literally worship him.

    Their global communism / totalitarianism is yet to be fulfilled, and so DO NOT EVER think they are giving in or giving up. The lulling is to attack again with an even greater vengeance than previously.

    To believe their psyop propaganda and to relax by standing down is to further their programming and manipulation. If they can get people to think that their war against GOD and mankind is nearing an end, this will only allow satan and his minions to regroup for more and worse torture. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS- satan and his minions will never stop until they have won and achieved all their evil genocidal strategies to rule the ENTIRE WORLD.

    Please pray daily the HOLY ROSARY of THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY as SHE has asked us to do because GOD WILL STOP THEM, STOP THEM, STOP THEM as HE has PROMISED HE WILL DO.

    ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD IS IN CHARGE, we must always do our part, AND GOD WILL DEFEAT THEM according to HIS PLAN.

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