Trudeau heckled on floor of Parliament as he attempts defense of his Dictatorship

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7 thoughts on “Trudeau heckled on floor of Parliament as he attempts defense of his Dictatorship”

  1. WILL NOT HEAR THIS Globalist WEF/CCP Communist Cabal Puppet with Schwab’s propaganda GREAT NARRATIVE. Needs to go home to the land of the assumed real Biological Father 2,800 km to the south where he is dead and buried at this time. ‘Funcle Raul Castro’ is probably looking forward to a younger WIMP taking the reins for him.

  2. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    Lot of rumours about Justin Trudeau being replaced by Mark Carney (Goldman Sachs, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Financial Stability Board, UN Climate Change.)
    The rumours are fuelled (no pun intended) by Mark Carney himself:
    Was this the whole purpose of the FreedomConvoy? Are we fooled (again)? An interesting discussion is found on, but not mentioning the possible Trudeau-Carney substitution (citing the link does not mean that I subscribe to all the expressed opinions, however I do subscribe to the importance of free speech.)

    1. They always have pawns waiting in the wings and are always planning to replace their puppets.

  3. I am Canadian and I did not elect science to parliament, we have no leadership just a new totalitarian religion of science. For a country who prides themselves on diversity, this government is acting like to be a Canadian you have to be in lockstep. They are trying to remake us into something WE ARE NOT. Devision was not our way. Neighbourhoods are for neighbours. They never were known as political subdivisions until these new world order leaders snuck into power. Stop the lies. Stop remaking our history Give us back our freedom, WE ARE NOT POLITICAL IDEOLOGS.

  4. Same old, same old Trudeau, you are out of touch with the real science regarding these bio weapon injections. Time you stood down and faced the genuine charges against YOU for crimes against humanity. You are working for the development of the One World Order, you are Evil. Don’t be fooled Canada by the next faze, the Climate Change Hoax.

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