13 thoughts on “VAIDS: Yes, it was deployed in the DeathVaxxes”

  1. It i also a coincidence that Luc Montagnier, the first person to warn the world about VAIDS,, just passed away this week. I’ll be candid, the depop agenda appears to include a slow for-profit burn. I don’t expect anything less from those who rule the world.

  2. Montagnier spoke from the beginning how this bio-w ,call it what you like, was a mix of the original SARS, Malaria, HIV and some form of influenza. Hence the use of anti malaria and anti viral at the beginning . HIV was all about destroying T-cells.
    I have one friend who I’d on a ventilator aged 56 after being infected or affected by whatever is happening

  3. When I see these videos, my first instinct is to share them far and wide. But, I stop myself because for the jabbed, it’s too late. This just adds to their injuries. God help them.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking right now too. I have already warned my family (and a few of them are coming around, thanks be to God), so very much for 2 yewars now, and I am afraid this will send them into complete despair. They know what was suspected to be in the shots because I told them…not sure about sharing this, but I love this reporter and listen to him frequently. Pray for him because he is a Catholic who is finding his way home.

      My main focus is going to be to try, with God’ grace, to continue to help my family return to Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Church. Now, more than ever, they need to know that our Lord is waiting for them; waiting to be loved by them; waiting for them to see how much He loves them, and waiting for them to repent. It is not too late for them. They may die very soon, but if they save their souls, then that’s all that matters. Pleaase, God, use me to help them!

    2. Actually, I plan on reminding the company officials that tried to force me to get these shots that I am going to be around and they aren’t.

      As far as I am concerned they tried to kill me and I also plan on reminding them of that too.

      Its those that were coerced or otherwise conned into taking these shot that I truly feel sorry for.

  4. There is no point worrying people who took the vax, but there is hope. At Life Site today there is a document under the “World Council for Health” which is giving de-tox advice for those who took the jabs. I have seen very similar recommendations in other sites. So there are things people can do, and printing that out and giving that to them is a good thing. Already so much has been learned. It is always important to check with your doctor and pharmacist before taking anything, even supplements, to make sure it does not conflict with what you take, but most of these are over the counter vitamins, supplements, etc. Why anyone would torment people who made that decision is as puzzling to me when people criticize the unvaxxed. Stay in your lane, and have compassion.
    There is a video, probably on You Tube, of a doctor, this was about 6 months ago. He had a patient who had a great immunity profile. It had been tested, and the doctor knew the man was going to get the jab. He asked the patient if he would do an AIDS panel (the way you really see your immune system profile) and he was horrified. The man’s great immune system was utterly collapsed, all the good stuff was gone.
    In my family, a loved one with autoimmune problems got both jabs. She is now suffering “the worst case of urticaria (hives) her doctor has ever seen”, and having all kinds of problems. (Please say a prayer for her if you would! Her name begins with A.)
    Fauci was of course very involved with AIDS and vaxxes. He’s been tinkering with the lives of human beings for quite some time now.

    1. Evangeline,
      Thank you for the info regarding detox of the jab. I know so many people who will need to do it. I follow LifeSite news as well and appreciate their reporting! I hadn’t seen the above but will definitely look for it.
      Prayers for your family member (“A”) as well. God is still the great healer!

    2. Hello!

      Can you please share the specific link to the jab detox info you mention in your comments? I looked all over the LifeSite website and can’t find the document. Thanks for your help.

  5. Also, Fauci was one of the people working on AIDS drugs in the 80’s, so he would know about those things also.

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