Canadians respond to Trudeau’s invocation of Martial Law

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3 thoughts on “Canadians respond to Trudeau’s invocation of Martial Law”

  1. ☑️Freedom convoy suddenly popped out of nowhere simultaneously in so many different countries, basically a day or a few days after the Canadian one started.
    ☑️Gets a lot of mainstream media coverage everywhere. Remember who owns the media!

    I really need hope but something does not feel quite organic about this movement. Like Lenin said: “The best way to control opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Could it be a peasant’s party to let a little steam out while the big players are making important advances in the shadows?

    1. Seeing that people have been oppressed for 2 years, I do not think you can fairly say, “suddenly popped out”, except of course unless you are a globalist.

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