USA: Globalists planning to bungee U.S. Stock Markets

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5 thoughts on “USA: Globalists planning to bungee U.S. Stock Markets”

  1. The only reason they would do that is to institute the Spectrum dominance WEF globalist plan. It could be anytime. Otherwise, they love printing themselves wealth. That is how the globalist were able to take control of everything, the printing press.

  2. Everyone knows the U.S. Markets are falsely high and when the Billionaires decided they’d taken the economy as far as they could to implement the Country’s FALL to the Globalist WEF Nazi Communist Cabal; the Market would plummet. Don’t care what the Billionaires think…The U.S. isn’t going down without a fight. Too many are willing to die for FREEDOM, yet. Even the aged Vietnam Vets…We don’t just ride Harley’s with empty saddlebags.

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