Now you can support our Humanitarian Work in Ukraine electronically

First a Short History of our Order

Then, the news:

This link takes you to a list of the projects by Ordo Militaris Catholicus, which Br. Bugnolo, editor of is directing in Ukraine. A click to each one will bring you to the page explaining how you can help by the click of a button or two.

The same is true for the Ukrainian Non-Profit which Br. Bugnolo has founded in Kyiv:

 A special thanks goes out to those readers who are responding to Br. Bugnolo’s calls for help and assistance, still, and in a very generous way, such that a handful are now pulling the weight pulled by hundreds just months ago.

PLEASE keep sharing news of these unique Catholic apostolates, because the more who know of them, the greater works of mercy can be done to relieve the suffering of so many Christian victims of this Globalist War.

You can also by the collectible merchandise of Ordo Militaris Inc., such as their famous Lepanto Historical Reproduction Battle Flag, via your Amazon Pay account, if you have one.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.