EUROPE: The DeathWave cometh (July 2022 statistics)

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2 thoughts on “EUROPE: The DeathWave cometh (July 2022 statistics)”

  1. Did we learn nothing from China in ’19? How many saw clips of Chinese people dropping dead suddenly, as they went about their daily lives, in the summer BEFORE we were informed about the “covid invasion”? Did it not occur to any to question WHY that might be happening, when a supposed new virus allegedly came out of that same area? When was the last time, before ’19, you saw any viral illness hit and kill like that: someone is well enought tobe going about his day & just drops dead? An heart attack, or CVA, sure… those can drop anyone without warning, but a sudden “rash” of them up and down a city street, all fatal, just doesn’t happen. Then there was “Operation Warp Speed” (Trump’s 2nd worst debacle). In order to create a vaccine, first one must isolate the offending “bug” in a lab, and grow colonies of it for testing against efforts to stop it: not a single lab anywhere outside Wuhan was ever able to claim it had isolated that “virus”. How does that happen? They all suddenly went stupid? Or just maybe there was NO virus there to isolate? So just exactly HOW did all those companies come racing in with “vaccines” in LESS than a year??? On exactly WHAT did they base a “vaccine”??? Then there’s the question of why they were so secretive about said “vaccines”, and WHY they were in such a frenzy to jab everyone with it… when was the last time they did THAT???
    I can’t speak for others, but I had “alarm bells” clanging in my head, like a city full of 5-alarm fires. But then I already knew our (US) agencies lie to us, and absolutely NOTHING about that virus was “normal”. Others, clearly heard the same “alarms” I did, but so many did not, and because they didn’t are now effectively walking time bombs, primed to go off at any time, and they are going off.

    1. there was no virus, no virus has ever made anyone sick. Virology is a myth. See the many articles here about that.

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