The Scholasticum prepares to reopen for the Academic Year 2023-2024 A. D..

Editor’s Note: Many ask me what I will be doing now. Here is the news. And yes, I invite my readers who have the time and interest and the intelligence, to consider studying with us at The Scholasticum.

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4 thoughts on “The Scholasticum prepares to reopen for the Academic Year 2023-2024 A. D..”

  1. Br. Bugnolo, sounds like a fabulous opportunity for spiritual growth and greater Catechesis with the Church. Would love to participate; but not certain about the cost in either money or time. Both are a bit short here since beginning the Home School for those in our vicinity retirement allowed to make the priority. Hope there is a way for your organization to benefit from some of the fees as your Mission requires the support. Sounds like that cough persists…

    1. Our Semester envisions 30 credit hours, and we understand that no all who are interested will be able to take on a full course load, but we allow individuals to take any course they want. As for the cost per credit hour we have not yet announced that. It will be announced in our June edition of our new Annuario.

  2. Can one take a course over the internet without traveling to Italy? Are there any prerequisites?

    1. Yes, see and see the Registrar’s page and download the Annuario and read the English section, if that is your native language.

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