Vaxx linked to HORRIBLE birth defects in newborns whose mom was jabbed

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3 thoughts on “Vaxx linked to HORRIBLE birth defects in newborns whose mom was jabbed”

  1. The news is getting exponentially worse by the day.

    Here in Florida the governor has now flipped against the unvaxxed. We all know what that means.

    Dr. McCullough is seeing vaxxed patients with elevated troponin for MONTHS. This is normally enough for a trip to the ICU, it literally means someone may be having a heart attack. Total insanity.

  2. Im stuck between a Rock and a hard place,, I have my douths about this whole thing as an attack on us ,,and a reset back to square one with a 500’000’000 Population,
    Look up the (Georgia Guide Stones),, I need an eye operation but they say I cant have it without the vacine! to me thats emochional blackmale , and a affront on my civel rights, they lied about its origion it was ofcourse leaked from a lab, and the money backing it up came from the USA,,

    1. Dear David, pray St Therese of the Child Jesus for 9 days in a row (novena) and she will intercede for you. This is how the French singer Edith Piaf got her sight back. Check it up! Trust in God and don’t give up. Be strong in your faith.

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