Who is Stew Peters?

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  1. Personally I prefer to get my news from interviewers who truly stay impartial and out of the discussion. I guess that’s asking too much these days. IMO the newscaster should be as relevant as his furniture.

  2. In one of your recent posts, musician Altiyan Childs in his 5-hour video on Freemasonry said that Sean Hannity and Alex Jones are Freemasons. Is Stew Peters a Freemason also? The promo photo at StewPeters.tv shows Stew with “hidden hands” inside his jacket. Is this a variation on the classic Masonic “hand in jacket” sign?

    1. If it is both hands grasping the lapels, it is the sign of the “most excellent master” (york rite)

  3. Hannity has been a fake conservative for a very long time. People need to turn off any mainstream TV and avoid ANY TV personality. Anyone in mainstream ANYTHING today cannot deviate from their controlled scripts, and must play by the controllers’ rules (who pay their puppets’ obscene salaries), or they will not be on mainstream tv– whether they play a role that involves appearing conservative (like Trump) in the news or politics, or whether they are blatant leftists.

    ALL are subject to their owners. Bill O’Reilly (so-called “Catholic”) is a good example of a so-called “conservative” pundit who eventually showed who he was really working for when he came out in support of sodomites (as has Hannity). Hannity showed his hand thus years ago, but more recently with his support of the covid kill-shots (like Trump). Jones, as we have also seen, is definitely another double-agent working for the dark side. He is more obvious by what he DOESN’T say rather than what he does say (which is not always perfect either.) Jones will NEVER shine any light on the real agenda and satanic (religion) affiliations of his “globalists” — where the agenda is absolute annihilation of the Catholic Church, among other related agendas.
    Not sure that the Stew Peters unusual hand symbolism is necessarily Masonic, but it possibly could be — someone can please clarify this. Pretty much all prominent people even in the “alternative” or “truther” movement today are some sort of double-agent working for the dark side. Genuine truthers do not get the funding and will be seriously vilified, among other indications. I know one genuine truther (I have to leave him un-named because he is fairly well known in certain circles) and he has not flown on airplanes since he began speaking publicly & boldly (backed only by his amazing credentials.) Eustace Mullins (a real truther) was permitted to live way long than I thought they would let him, but he was eventually suspiciously eliminated (killed).

    Thus, the real people who are trying to expose things publicly will have a genuine fear for their lives, reputations, etc., etc., because when a person is a real truther, they live with a target on their back. Such is the terrible reality of today. REAL TRUTH is considered SUBVERSIVE.
    I think we have to try to glean truth wherever we can, but we have to be VERY careful. Especially when new people appear out of nowhere and are apparently decently funded. Stew Peters appears to be in this category.

    1. Stew Peters is continuing to support Trump, even though he admits Trump has promoted the Vaxx. If he does not detach soon, they we must assume that Peters is a Mason and is doing a deep run into enemy territory for the purpose of getting them back to voting for Trump.

      1. David, if you look at the date of the comment, you will realize that you have falsely accused me out of rashness. Because in August of 2021, Stew Peters was still promoting Trump But now in January 2022, he is not, rather, he decries him for promoting the Death Vaxx.

    2. Stew Peters did criticize Trump and DeSantis for pushing vaccines on July 22, 2021 on The Stew Peters show on redvoicemedia.com.

      He said:
      “It’s like falling in love with any brand. You fall in love with the MAGA brand. You fall in love with the Trump brand [or] the DeSantis brand… Just because they have done a whole bunch of great things does not mean you stop holding them accountable…especially when people are dying.”

      The relevant video clip is from 46:28-48:35:


  4. Then, yes for sure about S. Peters’ true purpose and intentions. I had not seen that he supports Trump. This is an immediate red flag — and a sign that someone is either on the enemy team or else woefully blind and/or ignorant . And in this case of Peters (or any fairly prominent “truther”), it is not any “blindness” but a sign that he is not on our team. He cannot be trusted.

  5. Hey editor. The whole Q community is thinking trump and white hats gonna safe humanity from the globalists. Whats your opinion on that?

    1. The Q is a psyop of the Skull and Bones Lodge to keep Trump as an active playing card in the political arena, because if the masses realize he is only a globalist puppet on longer strings, they will support a true opposition party and candidate and take them all down.

      1. Thx VERY much for the concise confirmation.🎆
        Q troubled me from its first greeting “heyyyyy….” because suffering is not a playful game – unless one has freemasonic indoctrination.
        Jumped off the Trump train once DJT proudly promoted the kill shots, but could not grasp why he does this? So now we know: “Because he has to”.

  6. Realize that Trump was duped and betrayed by CDC/ Fauci/ Berks.They convinced him that vax was way to go,so he got it done in record time by removing the many regulations that would normally slow process.Since he left office Trump realizes that with govt/ msm/ am hyping the vax ,to go against it would hurt his chance to comeback. So he takes credit for getting vax out in record time which takes away from dims claiming they made vax happen

  7. Yep, same, stopped caring about Trump after the vaxx push, Q is a double edge sword for me, just don’t get lost in only following it, it’s cool to follow, just don’t forget your spiritual oathy and get lost in globalist Masonic wars. Cheers

    1. Please share the link, or else everyone will not believe you. The number of trolls who attack Stew is legion.

      1. It’s on Telegram. I can save the photo, post it to my site, and link over because I don’t see a way to post photos on this forum. I will get that done and be right back.

    1. He is wearing a Cross bracelet, where one would wear a wrist watch and it is position so that when he looks at his right hand, the cross is upright. So other than being imprudent to wear in in this photo because it gives the impression you had, I would not condemn a man for that.

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