12 thoughts on “BREAKING: The Bild in Germany reverses course and denounces Pandemic as a Scam”

  1. Dear Brother Alexis
    I would like to spread this video clip from Bild-Zeitung. Would you please inform me of the source. I’ve tried to find it but can’t.
    Thanks in advance

      1. Thanks !
        The link you refer to is brandnewtube.com where the story is run. As their source they refer to this link: ⁣https://m.bild.de/wa/ll/bild-d….e/unangemeldet-42925 which actually is Bild Zitung’s webside. However, going through all the news pages, I cannot find the story anywhere. This is such huge a story which should have impact on the whole world that I would expect it on the front page. But it is nowhere to be found . Anyway I cann’t find it.
        Do you by any chance have another link which could help me to track it down ? Thanks in advance

      2. I know of no other source. I would watch their other videos and compare it with their known productions.

    1. OK, thank you! Now its authenticity is confirmed. Why did this not make news 2 months ago? But does the German say what the subtitles in French and English say?

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