BREAKING: The Bild in Germany reverses course and denounces Pandemic as a Scam

Of course, whenever FromRome.Info publishes an article, there are those who claim its fake news. So here is the Wikipedia article for the Bild CEO. See if you can recognize the man in the video:

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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: The Bild in Germany reverses course and denounces Pandemic as a Scam”

  1. Dear Brother Alexis
    I would like to spread this video clip from Bild-Zeitung. Would you please inform me of the source. I’ve tried to find it but can’t.
    Thanks in advance

      1. Thanks !
        The link you refer to is where the story is run. As their source they refer to this link: ⁣….e/unangemeldet-42925 which actually is Bild Zitung’s webside. However, going through all the news pages, I cannot find the story anywhere. This is such huge a story which should have impact on the whole world that I would expect it on the front page. But it is nowhere to be found . Anyway I cann’t find it.
        Do you by any chance have another link which could help me to track it down ? Thanks in advance

      2. I know of no other source. I would watch their other videos and compare it with their known productions.

    1. OK, thank you! Now its authenticity is confirmed. Why did this not make news 2 months ago? But does the German say what the subtitles in French and English say?

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