UK Govt. Admits that 2.6 Billion will die from the Vaxx!

Note, however: That the UK Govt claims this will be caused by mutated variants of the non existent SarsCov19, when in fact it will be caused directly by the Vaxx. However, this admission is significant since it proves they know the Vaxx will kill and yet are still urging it on everyone.

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6 thoughts on “UK Govt. Admits that 2.6 Billion will die from the Vaxx!”

  1. Don’t expect any tears from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His father Stanley wrote two very notable books. “The Virus” and “Depopulation” I believe. Prince Charles will be very happy, “too many people” I think he has been quoted as saying.

  2. Is it possible to add a link to the UK sources about this. I find it difficult to sit through 1.5 hour Akex Jones with his rousing and deep voice….

  3. They can’t afford to let the truth out. Too big of a scam, gotta double down and get rid of any who could serve as a control group proving injection has been devastating.

  4. 2.6 Billion is approximately 1/3 — matches Bible Prophecy you cited in an earlier post….

  5. many still don’t get it: the virus isn’t the reason for the vaxx — the vaxx IS the reason for the virus!

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