3 thoughts on “FBI raid Project Veritas workers’ private residences”

  1. Amazing, shameful and so very obvious on the part of the FBI but just business as usual for the NYT these days. Ay one time the New York Times was the gold standard for US newspapers, not so much anymore.

  2. The FBI has become worse than the KGB ever was. How come so many formerly reliable agencies in the USA have become Communist to their core? It surely reflects the government of the day and we can see how, in the short time Pres. Trump had in office, the FBI continued their rot even attacking Trump willy nilly. It appears that demonic Freemasonry rules the U.S. now as Satan does not tolerate truth and goodness. With the current man in the White House masquerading as a Catholic we cannot expect any better until all good Americans rise up and oust the Democrats from office.

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