Australian Gestapo began purchasing Sonic Weaponry in 2016

Photos of actual physical lesions from use of High Tech Weaponry:

Employed by Australian Gestapo, last week. Images provided by one of our correspondents in Australia:

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3 thoughts on “Australian Gestapo began purchasing Sonic Weaponry in 2016”

  1. The Aussies are really going to have to rearm. THIS IS CLEARLY a POLICE STATE and it’s most certainly going into a WAR. The people now know the Govt. is Communist and loyal to The Global WEF/CCP Nazi Communist Cabal and if they want their FREEDOM; it is going to cost BLOOD. They better begin this fight now. Have no doubt the CCP IN INVOLVED…And, Aussie Officials ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR…BRIBED. CCP WANTS THE MINERAL RIGHTS.

  2. the lesions and scalding would not be caused by sonic weaponry but by microwave radiation weaponry. defense against microwave radiation should therefore be sought. sonic weaponry can do little to damage skin but affects internal organs with vibration resonance, disrupting heart rythm and organ function.

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