10 thoughts on “The DeathVaxx, 5G and the coming Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. Idea fora future video:

    It would be instructive to see what those in the fertility clinic business may be noting about increased difficulty in obtaining pregnancies in vaxxed vs unvaxxed patients– males as well as female patients.

  2. Thank you so much for posting great videos like this!

    Would it be possible to ask if — across the board — you can include in the post the source link for all the videos that you feature from external sources?

    I, for one, cannot expand the screen when it is embedded on this website. Likewise, to follow up on such voices for truth, it would be great to have the original link. Thank you!!

    1. Every video I post contains a control for full screen viewing, usually with an icon on the lower edge of the video. And if they be from Rumble or a few other sites, a link to the original is included there also. The reason why I do not post the original links is that by doing so, search engines which censor sites which link to certain videos can censor FromRome.Info’s repost of a video, and I do not want that to happen, because I want all to find the videos that Google Inc. etc. do not want others to find, and that is why I post them often with different titles.

  3. This speaker, a particle physicist, who previously worked on the CERN project, explains clearly and with explanatory images the purpose and method of 5g. And its differences to 2/3/4g systems. She describes (‘blue’) beam silent targeting of individuals; that this weapon system is the worst the people are facing, and unlike any other in history.
    She cites the genocide plan, using data from Deagel.com dated 2017 (forecasted to 2025 by country).

    The interview is from 2019, before the introduction of covid.

    The deployment of 5g is far advanced now, and, as she says, what the criminal cartel can achieve depends on how little we know. That this is their last chance, as their own control slips due to public knowledge and speed via the internet.
    They are hurrying. As per Klaus Schwab’s “small window of opportunity” – (and the rush to *essential* overnight road cable & cell mast installation in March 2020 immediately upon lockdown).

    She says that death numbers from the 5g system will rise until the people stop it. And that public pushback is really the sole remedy we have to defeat the 5g weapon – and their agenda which will be nought without it.

    Definitely a valuable 35mins watch and share.


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