Putin threatens war against more nations


Ukrainians drive Russians from their City with force of numbers

And this one is for all those, who said, that the Ukrainians are welcoming the Russians with open arms:

Rebuking the Hypocrisy of those who justify Russia’s Crimes

Bergoglio’s protected Confidant sentenced to 4 years for Sexual Abuse

This report is for all those who say, “It does not matter who is the pope”.

Br. Bugnolo arrives in Warsaw, will start Live Streaming today

Br. Bugnolo is now in Warsaw, Poland and will organize a live stream at or about 11 A. M. Local Time. That is, in 7 hours after this post is published. — To get an email notification of the initiation of the live broadcast, click on the YouTube Frame above and subscribe to From Rome Info Video, on Youtube. There may be some technical difficulties at the beginning of the transmission, as this is Br. Bugnolo’s first live from a city other than Rome, Italy, where he is usually based.