At Bologna, the Democrat Party introduces the “Good Citizen” Pass

Editor’s Note: This Good Citizen Pass is an electronic card which records that you have complied with urban regulations and rewards you with points for discounts on cultural events. This is the first step to conditioning the masses in Italy, a la China. — The next step is to punish you for disagreeing with the Agenda 2030 and anything rolled out in its favor by taking away your points. It’s a self-enabled Big Brother system for sheeple.

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5 thoughts on “At Bologna, the Democrat Party introduces the “Good Citizen” Pass”

  1. This can only be done for those with a cell phone: so what is the conclusion?
    a cellphone-filled world is an enslaved world
    a cellphone-free world is a free world.

    See freedomfighter ARTHUR FIRSTENBERG’s

    Sometime ago a friend told me that she had been speaking
    with a woman about Rwanda, on the street, both having their cellphone with them.
    Shortly after that she received information about Rwanda on her cellphone, while NEVER before………

    So: what is your conclusion???

  2. A friend and his wife both had smart phones but had never activated “Alexa” . They decided to check their domestic security. They deliberately talked 3x daily about their desire to buy a purple oriental rug. Soon their phones were sending them adverts for purple rugs of all sorts.

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