The Globalist response to opposition information is Shadow Censorship

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

During the Scamdemic the greatest revolt of humanity began, not with a shout or rebellion, but with millions of drops of disagreement, suspicion, doubt and above all critical thinking.

And thus it began, with YouTubers, Rumblers, Odyseers, Bloggers, WordPressers, Instagramers, Twitters and FaceBookers…

And the Globalist reaction was quick and severe: censorship. Posts and Videos began to disappear, entire channels and accounts were suspended, erased, bitburned.

Certain topics would bring on the censorship within minutes: such as mention the Georgia Guidestones.

But the wave grew to a tide and then transformed into a Tsunami. Eventually dissent against the narrative became normie.

So seeing their failures, Skull and Bones sent out the warning: they changed course, changed the narrative and abandoned the strict visible controls, as I predicted days before their public announcement.

But that does not mean that they are not still militating against the opposition.

In fact, all opposition channels and websites have experienced a dramatic fall in viewership, hits, donations, and support. Some have just folded.

But I think that this is not simply a result of ‘taking off the thumb-screws’ so that the sheeple will wander off to something out.

I think there is an intentional active censorship campaign which I call Shadow Censorship, because it is unseen.  It is not something positive, it is negative.

Here are some of the things I have noted since March:

  • Cellphone companies in Europe are offering unlimited data to BigTech apps, sites, channels, but limited data to non BigTech sources
  • Cellphone companies are turning off 2G and 3G frequencies, limiting the data usage to smaller and more restricted urban areas. (Here in Italy, for example, there is a page announcing this from one of the major companies)
  • Internet providers are slowing speeds and cutting off data and putting more interruptions into feeds for non-Globalist news sources
  • I have detected them bumping cellphones off the 4G signal onto 3G and 2G signals which have no longer access to the internet.
  • Search engines are not giving results for any opposition sites or themes.
  • Those who have been noted by data collection services to be apt to hear anti-Globalist sources are being redirected to topics and news stories which are top interest for them, according to analytical data gathered in recent years from their usage.
  • Skype conversations are being hacked and bugged and connectivity is denied upon pronouncing unmentionable anti globalist topics.
  • Platforms like Rumble nix your upload immediately if you add certain hashtags which call attention to antiglobalist themes.
  • BigTech is not satisfied with erasing one message or posts, the react violently now more frequently with elimination of entire social media accounts for a single violation, without explanation or recourse.
  • Internet access companies are requiring more and more frequently facial recognition to open an account.
  • ATM machines (Bancomats) are being installed globally with facial recognition and digital passport reading devices.

The net result is that those who want to read the truth about the Globalists are finding it much more difficult. Visits are down, donations are down, there is less conversations on social media about the reports which are coming out ALL OF WHICH CONFIRM AND MAGNIFY THE IMPORTANCE OF OPPOSING GLOBALISM.

And that is Shadow Censorship.

And the sooner we recognize it, the better, because it is proving a much more apt opponent to silence us than any Covid control.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

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  1. Coincidence? All of a sudden your emails with links to FR dot info postings are being routed to my junk folder without me doing anything. I noticed that I was not receiving your emails any longer and went to check my junk folder and there they where.

    I tried to resubscribe but your system said I was already subscribed. Working on a solution.

    1. Yahoo and Hotmail are known to mark counter-narrative emails as spam…. change your email provider…

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