Did the CIA replace Sister Lucy, to enable their Vatican II take-down of the Church?

Introduction, Testimony, and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When I first heard of this claim, I thought it was preposterous. But having given the claim a hearing, I found that it was based on a solid scientific approach to evidence with good forensic criteria. After years of gathering information and expert testimonies, it seems indubitable that the real Sister Lucy was replaced.

My colleague, AJ Baalman, over at Ordo Militaris Radio TV, opened my eyes to what was going on in the last 2 years with his investigations into the CIA, which revealed expert sources and documented evidence that the US Department of Defense and CIA and related organizations, such as NATO & their Gladio network, have been working to destroy the Catholic Church since 1953. I recently published one of the key documents about that here.

Their goal was to ideologically confuse and destroy the Church, so that the American Masonic Lodge of Skull and Bones could rob the Church of her moral influence and steal all her properties and systems of government. To do this they needed a new Ecumenical Council which would replace Catholic teaching with a new hermeneutic, or rule of interpretation, which would bend Catholic thought, formation and life, to masonic principles.

But one person stood in their way: Sr. Lucia Santos of Fatima, who had written to the Holy Father, at the direction of Our Lady warning him of calling a Council.

When this suspected replacement theory first appeared, being doubtful, I dug up on the internet the official necrology of the Carmelite Order, and looked up Sr. Lucia, to see if she was listed as dead. And sure enough I found that it listed her as dying c. 1959. When I asked the webmaster how could that be, he said it was a typographical error and removed her entry.

Therefore, I now believe, without a doubt, that the CIA either murdered her, or after her natural death assisted the Freemasons in the Church with replacing her with another, so that the new Lucy could be a spokesperson for the new interpretation of Fatima, which would say nothing about or against Vatican II.

Regarding Dr. Frederick Zugibe, who talked Carlos Evaristo out of his doubts that the imposter was an imposter, it is important to note that Zugibe was an employee of the U. S. Department of Defense, as can be seen from his biography, where it states he was Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Veteran’s Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Thus, that Evaristo was directed to speak with Dr. Zugibe would be a curious historic fact, if it were analyzed without the knowledge of the 1953 Declaration of Ideological War against the Church by the U. S. Government and the all too close relationship between John Paul II and the CIA.

In fact, according to my colleague, AJ Baalman, in April of 2002, Dr. Zugibe visited the Carmel in Portugal, where the imposter lived. He gave an interview with EWTN about that, here. The fake Sr. Lucy is alleged to have died on Feb. 13, 2005.

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28 thoughts on “Did the CIA replace Sister Lucy, to enable their Vatican II take-down of the Church?”

  1. It’s obvious they are two different people. I believe the real Sister Lucy was eliminated preemptively so she couldn’t reveal the Third Secret, which Our Lady said should be revealed by 1960. I suspect it was about the apostasy which would come from the top of the Church, which has sadly come to pass.

    1. One had crooked teeth, the other is wearing prosthetic teeth.

      They are very different.

      The replacement might not even be Portuguese.

  2. It follows that the systematic and calculated destruction of the Pre V2 Church under the guise of Ecumenicalism and Rockefellers, Dulles, CIA, etc… that the destruction of Sr Lucy so as to destroy her Divine message could also have been done.

  3. Apparently satan’s people will stop at nothing to bring down the Catholic Church, if they will install fake religious to accomplish their ends. Makes you wonder how many key people may have been replaced through the centuries.

    1. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

      Recently, I watched a discussion between you and A.J. In that discussion you both pointed out that the founders of Christendom College have ties to the CIA. The professor doing these investigations into the identity of the woman claiming to be Sr. Lucy from 1967 forward is a product of Christendom College. Is there any concern on your part that this professor may also be compromised? Maybe you and A.J. could look into this and analyze just to be sure that this professor is trustworthy. Thank you for all you are doing to bring all things into the light.


      1. Nick, what you say is a concern, but I determine loyalties on what they do with their degree. If they go on to join the CIA, FBI or push the Masonic Agenda I am suspicious. This investigation about Sr. Lucy has solid forensic principles and is very credible.

  4. Dr. Peter Chojnowski studied his undergraduate at Christendom College but he went on to study his doctorate in Philosophy at Fordham University in the Bronx, the largest Jesuit university in the USA, and he has been teaching philosophy all his life. He worked with the late Fr. Gruner for 15 years at The Fatima Center spreading the Fatima Message. So he is familiar with Sister Lucy for almost two decades now. But he has been mocked and ignored by most Catholic priests and Catholic pundits when he set up Sister Lucy Truth.org.

    These are some more of his interviews https://sisterlucytruth.org/slt-news/

  5. Now everything that has happened to the catholic church post 1960 makes sense. Mark 4:22 tells us For there is nothing hid, which shall not be made manifest.

    It would make sense that the CIA in seeking to destroy the church by launching the Vatican 2 council would also want to replace the only true witness to the message of Our Lady of Fatima, Sister Lucy Dos Santos.

    This would ensure that the third secret of Fatima that mentions apostacy in the church and Gods punishment of the world for its evil would never be fully disclosed to the faithful.

    It would also ensure the freemasons and CIA collaborators in Vatican could get away with never truly consecrating Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart which would convert that nation prevent another terrible war, and destroy global communism.

    And so we have the situation today where there is a false pope a false church , and the world is at a tipping point of another terrible war with a divine chastisement to follow.

    Great interview.

  6. I started suspecting this when I got serious about Fatima and the heavenly messages in 2017/18. Sadly, at first I didn’t believe my eyes, and listened to the verbal gymnastics. Big mistake. Recently, I tried to find the name of the Carmelite monastery. I cannot find the name. Because this is a very very deep deception. I pray Sr Lucy Truth can learn more!

  7. Escriva had much to do with Fatima and controlling the narrative after she passed. Someone published the official Carmelite necrology which had Lucia dos Santos death either on her entrance into Coimbre convent or shortly there after. It was ONLY online for two weeks before it was removed.
    I did capture the image but sadly it was on another email account which is long since gone.
    As with everything ,it is in Our Lord’s Hands.

  8. The next question is, where lie the remains of Sr. Lucia Dos Santos? And, less importantly, where lie the remains of the imposter actress person?

    As far as I understand it, she has ‘officially,’ been raised to ‘Servant of God’ by Bergoglio, (not really, of course, he’s not the pope,) but … who has? Doesn’t the process of canonisation involve bodily identification and examination if the death is not too long ago? Or at least positive identification of the tomb? Where do people (presumably only the sisters will have access?) go to pray and lay flowers etc for Sr. Lucia? At the tomb of the actress?

    What a beautiful day it is going to be when the actual Sr. Lucia is recognised as a saint by an actual pope.

  9. Hi,
    Most holy family monastery was the first to report and bring to our attention the imposter Lucy. They should get credit for exposing this.

  10. Jacinta is right. God bless you, Jacinta, for pointing this out.
    Most Holy Family Monastery was the first to report and bring to our attention the imposter Lucy. They should get credit for exposing this.

    Here are the historical links!

    Thanks to:

    Brother Michael Dimond
    Brother Peter Dimond

    April 2, 2006 The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy

    Aug 21, 2013 The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd Edition)

    Most Holy Family Monastery Website:

    Credits must be given to whom they are due!

    1. Thank you for these links. I read the entire first article, and I would have to say that it is a careful analysis which attends to detail. But what it lacks, is this, that if it is true that the conversion of Russia never meant a religious conversion to the Catholic Faith, but just a conversion to being peaceful for a certain time, why did Sr. Lucia insist that the 3d Secret be revealed in 1960. And why would the Vatican insist not revealing its contents fully in 2000? So there is something more, and what Fr. Fuentes claims might be just that. Getting rid of Sr. Lucy at the precise time after the Fuentes interview and replacing her would not be necessary if nothing in the Fuentes interview was true. And I really find impossible to sustain that the postulator of a cause for the two other Children could make things up. Postulators are chosen because of their precise attention to details and facts. — Furthermore, Cardinal Ratzinger made various comments after the 2000 publication which make it appear that there was something Sr. Lucia had said that he was told to our personally chose to discount. But nothing in what was published is of that kind, other than that of which Fr. Fuentes spoke. Also, Cardinal Ratzinger in the 80’s comments on Fatima and seems to be relating the same theme as Fr. Fuentes, so it appears that he too believed the claims of Fr. Fuentes.

    2. Yes, used be mad about them having Peter or Mike D as a a***book PFP back around 2012. I initially adored their work with the Fatima docu v1 but there’s 3 versions but still no ThirdSecretofFatima dawt com. Ave Notre Dame
      Rense website and apparently Infowars ran ads for for it a decade ago but their confirmed masons or AJ anyway but still a conspiracy of absolute silence when it comes to the 3rd secret Fatima Movement files to this day.

  11. . And I really find impossible to sustain that the postulator of a cause for the two other Children could make things up. Postulators are chosen because of their precise attention to details and facts.

    Response: Didn’t you say elsewhere that “All the saints canonized after Vatican II are bunk and have to be re-investigated! (something like that…)

    1. The Postulator gathers the information. I hold that the canonizations after Paul VI changed the criteria for proof are suspect. Not that the postulators lied or falsified information. There is a vast difference.

  12. why did Sr. Lucia insist that the 3d Secret be revealed in 1960?

    Response: It has been said that 1960 was the pivotal year that John XXIII was solidifying the Vatican II Council and that it would be the fulfillment of the prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette that “the Apostasy in the Church will start from the top” and that “the Church will be in an eclipse and that Rome will be the seat of the Antichrist….”

    John XXIII knew the Third Secret was about the Vatican II Council that he was about to convene and therefore he refused to reveal the Third Secret because he was a Mason and he was the instrument of Satan to hijack the Vatican… (whom Our Lady prophesied both in Fatima and La Salette.)

    1. As far as “will be” I think the words were, “will become”, and “Rome” does not equal the Vatican or the Catholic Church as anyone who has been here knows.

      1. Our Lady is always precise in Her words and She never makes any mistake in Her prophecies.  She appeared in La Salette on  September 19, 1846.

        She was prophesying a century ahead, 119 years ahead,  the apostasy of Vatican II and that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist” which Bergoglio false-pope Francis is hastily establishing before his last breath!

         She was right to say “Rome” to indicate  “The Vatican” where the future conclave of the Council of Vatican II would take place from 1963 to 1965.   She prophesied that when Rome will lose the faith, it would “come from the top” and  “the Church will be in eclipse. ”  As we now know,  Vatican II was that” loss of faith that came from the top,” and the seat of the Antichrist was established through its consequent apostate popes culminating with Bergoglio aka Pope Francis as the most-evil pope in Christendom who is about to deliver the final blow in the destruction of the Church before his last breath.  (God forbid)    

        “The Vatican” as an independent country only came into existence in 1929 and therefore She was correct in saying that  “‘Rome’ will become the seat of the Antichrist.”   She also appeared in Fatima in 1917 which was 12 years before 1929 and She continued to refer to “Rome.’ 

        In 1929, Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli, who later became Pius XII signed the Lateran Treaty and a concordat with Italy, confirming the existence of an independent Vatican City state, in return for recognition of the Kingdom of Italy and an undertaking for the papacy to be neutral in world conflicts.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichskonkordat

        I’ve been to Rome so I can understand your point of view that  “Rome” does not equal the Vatican or the Catholic Church.    But we have to take the historical context when Our Lady appeared and made Her warnings and prophecies  about “Rome” and when She gave Her requests to illiterate children.  

        Her prophecy has come true because we can see the loss of faith not only in “Rome” or The Vatican but it is widespread among almost all bishops and thousands of priests  in the USA, and also in many countries worldwide.

        The Vatican in Rome is now the seat of the Antichrist which Bergoglio false-Pope Francis is hastily establishing, permanently, before his last breath!   Need more proof?  He recently established an office of the WJC  within the Vatican last month on December 2, 2022.  Notice the numbers?  12-2-2022.  See http://callmejorgebergoglio.blogspot.com/2022/12/wjc-opens-office-in-vatican.html that aptly noted that the reaction of the Catholic Media and Catholics is zzz crickets.

        For the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart

        For the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, it is imperative that Christians must wake up and see and accept, and defend, that Jesus was not a Jew, either by race or by ancestry! “

        Judeo-Christian” is the biggest LIE on the planet earth that has been enslaving Christians and humanity and destroying all nations  and it must be stopped!!




        Christians should not be naive

        Christians must not be ignorant with plethora of information
        https://fitzinfo.net/fitzinfo-aggregate/The Rothschilds are Sabbbatean Frankists.

        The Occult Has Always Been An Integral Part Of Judaism’.
        (See links in comments section)

        An ‘Integral’ Part Of Jewish Identity And A Deeply Held ‘Religious Conviction’.

        Whoever controls MSM controls the world! http://themillenniumreport.com/2014/10/who-really-controls-the-mainstream-media/

        Who owns the media   https://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=2231

        Vatican II was infested with imposter-Catholics (according to these free eBooks)

        The Plot Against the Church http://holywar.org/txt/pinay/default.htm (Free eBook)
        http://come-and-hear.com/dilling/ (FREE eBook)

        AA-1025 The Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle https://ia802601.us.archive.org/32/items/Aa-1025TheMemoirsOfAnAnti-apostle/Aa-1025TheMemoirsOfAnAnti-apostle.pdf (FREE eBook)

        All Catholics must stop attending false-Pope Francis’s audiences and masses in Rome.   But unfortunately they are being misled and deceived by the  Catholic Media controlled-resistance Pied Pipers such as those mentioned in this article.

        ITALY: Bannon successfully defends against fraud case in Trisulti Monastery lease

        and in these videos

        “Frankism, Judaism & Catholicism: The need for transparency in Catholic Media” (About Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, Eric Sammons of 1 Peter 5, et al)https://www.fromrome.info/2022/12/30/frankism-judaism-catholicism-the-need-for-transparency-in-catholic-media/#comment-56406

        Dr. Jane Ruby interviews Br. Bugnolo on the Death of Pope Benedict XVI

        So many things have happened since this post on Sr. Lucy.  So I’m adding these links so that people can see them already, especially if this is the only page they’ll click on in From Rome.info..  They’ll have further things to read so that they will stop being obtuse Catholics and hopefully they’ll  wake up and do their part in ousting the fat Big Bad Wolf at the Vatican ravaging the Church into rubble before he draws his last breath!  

        May God protect you!  Keep up the good work, Bro. Bugnolo… and AJ!

        Happy Epiphany & 3 Kings !!!

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