4 thoughts on “Appello a Gänswein”

  1. Ha ragione Fra Alexis. E’ giunta l’ora che Gaenswein dimostri la sua lealtà.
    Basta che egli si nasconda dietro la figura impedita di Papa Benedetto. Gaenswein, sei con Papa Benedetto oppure con la falsa chiesa di PachaBergogli?!
    La verità e SUBITO!!

  2. Assecondo la tua richiesta Fra Bugnolo. Dobbiamo mostrare se siamo pecore o capre. Sono per la verità o per questa terribile bugia che vogliono ingoiare per intero.

  3. Great exhortation Brother Bugnolo. I also appreciate your request for justice in the case of Don Allessandro Minutella and all persecuted priests.

  4. Something looks suspicious about him. But I will pray that he will listen and comply with your appeal.

    Stay safe, Bro. Bugnolo! May Archangel Michael protect you!

    The Church was infiltrated by thousands of impostor-priests and fake converts to carry out Vatican II in order to destroy the Liturgy and the Church in its sorry state today as revealed by these books.
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    The MSM journalists have now descended in Rome to spill their venom of deception to the world while manipulating the fame of Benedict XVI.
    Whoever controls MSM controls the world! http://themillenniumreport.com/2014/10/who-really-controls-the-mainstream-media/
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    This video by Bro. Bugnolo boldly sums up the corruption in the Vatican and in priestly organizations and the Tradies.
    “Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?”


    ITALY: Bannon successfully defends against fraud case in Trisulti Monastery lease

    Dr. Jane Ruby interviews Br. Bugnolo on the Death of Pope Benedict XVI

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