VATICAN: John Paul II alleged to be connected to Pedophile Ring which disappeared Emmanuela Orlandi

Editor’s Note: See our past reports about the case of the disappearance of Emmanuela Orlandi, HERE. Back in 2021, I speculated that Emmanuela Orlandi was made to disappear because she was pregnant with the child of Archbishop Marcinkus or of Pope John Paul II. Now the speculation based only on circumstantial evidence is finding new support.

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4 thoughts on “VATICAN: John Paul II alleged to be connected to Pedophile Ring which disappeared Emmanuela Orlandi”

  1. St Padre Pio was accused of wearing perfume and entertaining women ,he was banned from offering Mass publicly for nearly ten years,based on vicious lies .The devil always attacks the character of Saints.Im quite shocked about the suggestion that John Paul 2 would be guilty of such a crime. He may have had diplomatic reasons for his actions.

    1. What you say is true, but in my book anyone who obstructs the investigation of the disappearance of a young girl is worthy of all suspicion, since there is no moral or rational reason to do so. Nor can you sacrifice children on the altar of political correctness or diplomacy, because all such altars serve the altar of Satan.

  2. I recall Pope John Paul II making a public verbal appeal for the return of Emmanuela Orlandi. The civil law-enforcement authorities who were involved in the case
    advised and made decisions about how to handle the case.

    1. He then went on to say publicly that she was kidnapped by international criminal organization. That cause the Italian State Police to drop lines of investigation which led back to the Vatican.

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