Cardinal Sarah’s shameful confession of impiety

Rome, October 8, 2019:  The much beloved and respected Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, gave an interview to the notorious Marxist Newspaper, here in Italy, the Corriere della Sera. (The very same paper which was asked by the Vatican Secretary of State to attempt to get Pope Benedict to deny his tacit acceptance that he was still the pope).

In his interview, Cardinal Sarah made this shameful confession of impiety:

First, just three days after the Apostasy in the Vatican Gardens, in which Bergoglio presided over the adoration of the idol of Pachamama (the Andean equivalent of Astaroth), the Cardinal made this outrageous statement, in reference to Bergoglio:

«Chi è contro il Papa è ipso facto fuori dalla Chiesa. La Provvidenza ci vede benissimo, sa?».

My translation:

He who is against the Pope is by that very fact outside the Church. The (Divine) Providence sees us very well, you know?”

In all my years as a Catholic I have never heard such an absurd form of papolatry stated. There have been many Saints who argued or disagreed with the pope. They are now in Heaven. Saint Paul, the first of them, and his opposition is approved of by the Holy Spirit in Scripture.

Arguably, then, What Cardinal Sarah has said is pure heresy. It is in the very least a false and gross misrepresentation of the Catholic Faith.

But the Cardinal, to utter this just after the wicked deed in the Vatican, is incredible. That he uttered it at all, after 6 years of Bergoglio’s daily heresies and opposition from many Cardinals and Bishops, is incredible. IS THE CARDINAL SAYING THAT BURKE, SCHNEIDER, BRANDMULLER, ETC. are OUTSIDE of the Church?

But Cardinal Sarah’s impiety does not stop there. In the same interview he says, immediately before the above statement:

« La verità è che la Chiesa è rappresentata sulla terra dal Vicario di Cristo, cioè il Papa ».

My translation:

The truth is that the Church is represented on earth by the Vicar of Christ, that is, the Pope.

One wonders if the Cardinal has ever been to seminary. Because for more than a thousand years the Church has taught:

That Christ Jesus is represented on earth by His Sacred Ministers who receive valid ordination and jurisdiction in the Apostolic Succession.

To say that the Church is represented by the Pope, is to make the Pope the Vicar of the Church, not the Vicar of Christ. It also excludes that anyone else represents the Church.

But when you add both these errors of the Cardinal together, what he is really saying seems to be:

The Church of Apostasy, which is the New Christ to be worshiped, is represented on Earth solely by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, its Pope

I think if you ever thought that Cardinal Sarah is papabile, that you better think again.

If he wants to retract these words, now that he realized what was done on Friday, then he now has the grave obligation to do so!

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11 thoughts on “Cardinal Sarah’s shameful confession of impiety”

  1. Cardinal Sarah was trained and I believe a member of the Holy Ghost Fathers, and knew Marcel Lefebvre who was the Superior General of this religious order, which turned into the Society of Saint Pius X.

    1. The Holy Ghost Fathers did not turn into the SSPX, but the Archbishop was their founder. And yes the Cardinal did know the Archbishop.

  2. All of these prelates seem to have skeletons in their past. They all know this and have “dirt” on each other. Blackmail is the name of the game. I know. I spent three and a half years in the major seminary back in the 80’s before getting thrown out. Is there not ONE valid cardinal left in the Church to challenge Peter to his face?

    Al Priselac

    1. Al, as one who was in minor seminary and graduated, I agree with you. My experience is that since Vatican II only those expert at dissimulation or who were never called by God, made it through the seminary. I therefore will not be surprised or scandalized that no one faults Bergoglio for anything. But it is sad to see so many priests lead so many souls to eternal damnation and be so eager to join the Church of the Antichrist — because, have no doubts that is what it is. Even the Traddies are rushing to follow Bergoglio and continue to name him in the Canon of the Mass. Incredible. I would rather be crucified than name such a man at Mass, if I were a priest!

  3. From false premises come false conclusions. From false conclusions come false faith. From false faith comes heresy and from heresy apostasy.

    The Pope can never be wrong. The Pope’s resignation must be valid and thus the Conclave was valid and its selection reigning and supreme. This Pope presents demons for adoration and sodomites into Holy Communion. The spirit of God has spoken, we must worship demons and unify with the sodomites.

    Or – Satan perpetrated the mother of all deceptions on God’s faithless people and Pope Benedict XVI actually is the Supreme Pontiff … which drives a whole different set of conclusions.

    I see what happened. I see where it led. It all smells of sulphur.

  4. Dear Brother, it is hard to understand exactly why Cardinal Sarah made such statements, but I don’t think the possibility of threats or force should be ruled out. The intimidation on the part of the demonic network within the Vatican is beyond imagination. God bless and keep up the excellent work. Father Belland

  5. One has to assume that, for whatever reason, the devil has clouded Sarah’s mind, as he does all those whose faith does not overcome their fear and insecurity. A get-along-go-along is hardly in keeping with the Church Militant role of any believing, serious Catholic. This is the time to denounce our errant “Pope”.

  6. It took a while for most of them to know. This surprises me as I thought Cardinal Sarah would know better. Of course very many cannot see through this deceit. We must pray for our bishops, priests and Cardinals. Today I will be praying for Cardinal Sarah. And I agree with you editor. All of the Vatican Garden idolatry ceremony really bothers and upsets me. I can’t understand why more people are not talking about it and why they do not think that this is a big deal. It is.

  7. According to Cardinal Sarah I am now outside the Church. So be it. I can’t be in it and continue to be believe what I was taught from the age of five, firstly by Dominican Nuns, then Josephites.

    1. Don’t believe Sarah. There is no canon of the Church which says that if you oppose the pope you are outside of the Church. Nay, rather, there is canon 1364 which says that Apostates and Heretics are ipso facto excommunicated. The allies of Bergoglio are inventing laws out of thin air.

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