How the WHO says Parents have already given their consent to the Vaccine

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

From a lying cabal intent on exterminating the human race, what can you expect but plots within plots to advance their agenda by all means licit and illicit.

Their chief tactic is to alter the meaning of words while terrorizing the population. This is a MKUltra technique developed by the Nazi Party during such events as Kristalnatch, the burning of the Reichstag and Operation Canned Goods.

They have used this method during 911 to distract us from asking what really did happen. They have used this method for the Scamdemic, by declaring a Pandemic when only 114 persons had died in all the world, then by refusing to isolate the alleged virus, then by refusing to follow standard medical procedures, such as quarantining ONLY the sick and not moving the infected among populations which are susceptible (such as senior retirement or care facilities), and by employing known cures such as Hydroxychoroquine. By NOT doing these things, they have intentionally MURDERED 100s of thousands!

Now they are pushing their Vaccine when all medical science argues that herd immunity has been obtain by the entire population on earth months ago.

The goal of the Vaccine is to reorder society, shift the economy to one in which every human person is controlled, money is paperless, and your genome is the playground of psychopaths nurtured in the halls of eugenicist and Nazi supporting American elite families for more than a century.

But to make excuses for the Vaccine, they no longer center their arguments on its necessity medically speaking. Now they want you to focus on the necessity legally speaking. They want you to consent to receive it, and because they know that will be difficult they are in the process of MANUFACTURING your consent under legal pretexts.

The easiest target for these psychopaths are public schools. Because in a public school, or even a private school under the control of those psychologically or politically controlled by the Scamdemic Mafia, your children are outside of your control and in the hands of their operators.

And so they have now rolled out their PLAN TO LEGALLY ESTABLISH THEIR RIGHT TO VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN without your consent!


But their clever plan is this: to claim that YOU HAVE GIVEN CONSENT by other means.

What other means?

It is all explained in this World Health Organization Document, entitled, Considerations regarding Consent in the Vaccinating Children and Adolescents between 6 to 17 years old.

This document will be the key to understanding the legal rationales to put their hands on your children. I highly recommend reading it.

However from my reading I can tell you it is a deeply disturbing document. Because, since those who wrote it consider themselves to have the authority to tell you what the words it contains means, then what it in fact means is what they want it to mean at any given moment.

Indeed, the principle of implied consent process, on p. 3, implies that as soon as the Vaccine is scheduled to be given to all the children or any child of a School, it is sufficient that the School make this know in any way, even if through a channel of communication which is unverified and does not certify that each Parent receives notification!  Which is basically to say, that the Principal can order your child vaccinated without his or her consent, and without your consent, while claiming you have consented because he sent out an email some day at some time in which in some part of it, even if fine print, he said the Vaccination process would begin.

In this way, the WHO has given instruction to its adepts throughout the world to claim that Parents have already given consent by the mere fact of having put their children in school, where they are assumed to consent to all the other activities of the school in which their children participate or are required to participate in the course of the school day.

This is deeply disturbing and frightening. But alas, it is not a joke, it is the imminent reality and threat under which YOUR children have been intentionally placed by the Scamdemic promoters. It is their plan, and by letting you know in advance, they will in the future have another excuse to claim you have consented to it!

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