The Geneticist Aleandra Herion-Caude speaks on the Covid Vaccines

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Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Claude is one the top experts of RNA in France

– she advises that the doctors that are speaking on the different media are only the “iceberg tip” while the rest of the ice berg is composed by a very lively medical community, not in line with what media are reporting: 30,000 doctors and 100,000 citizens are associated to counter the official narrative.
– the idea that the covid virus could have been produced in a lab was first totally rejected but now is being considered as possible in the mainstream – due to the fact that many doctors have expressed this position
– PFIZER had started the vaccination first in South Africa, where people are complaining that they are being treated as guinea pigs
– the clinic tests for PFIZER vaccine are still on going and will end in 2022
– their vaccine was supposed to treat mainly the severe cases of covid, which in fact it’s not the case
– based on figures from the French National Institute of Statistics, there has been only a small increase of the mortality in France in 2020, compared to previous years (from 1945 on) – see minute 17:30
– she and other colleagues of her have studied the increase of covid cases in France and elsewhere and they have found 3 different scenarios (minute 24)
  1) spike and then decrease
  2) nothing and then spike + decrease
  3) “U” curve
It results that the lockdown does not stop the virus spread, which naturally occurs and cannot be stopped. Once the virus has circulated, there is practically NO residual risk.
– the tests RTPCR are not reliable, since further analysis via genomic sequencing would be required, which is not done
– isolation of SARS-COV2 virus is not considered to be achieved by several medical experts since the standard “KOCH” protocol has not been followed : it should have been required to perform testing on such animals like pangolin which has not been done
– the narrative that asymptomatic people could be a risk for others has been contradicted by a study published on “Nature” conducted on 10 million people in Wuhan
– Dr. Didier Raoult has put in place a very effective diagnosis technique based on analysis of waste water, able to detect the presence of virus at early stage – before that the infected people has adverse effects
– PFIZER treatment is not a vaccine as such since based on RNA
it’s a madness to let people get PFIZER “vaccine” since injected RNA can combine, under certain circumstances, with human DNA. For example for people affected by HIV or by “spumavirus” which is not detected since it does not gives any symptoms.
there is a risk to transmit diseases to descendants
– PFIZER reports that 2.7% of treated people have had severe adverse effects resulting in impossibility to return to work. This is a huge percentage, much higher than the risks from covid !
– in France the authorities have set a treatment watchdog to monitor adverse effects from the vaccine, however only NEW forms of reactions are screened, not the ones already identified by PFIZER.
– those over 75 are not being tested, so the effect of the vaccine on them is unknown. They are the guinea pigs…
– PFIZER already was fined 2.3 billions of euros since they had provided false information on different treatments in the past (minute 50)
people who are vaccinated emits 6 times more covid viruses than non vaccinated people, so they become a danger for others. Moreover, the possibility to induce virus variations sensibly increases.
– there are different treatments that are very effective against covid, already tested.
(Many thanks to one of our readers in France for this summary)
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8 thoughts on “The Geneticist Aleandra Herion-Caude speaks on the Covid Vaccines”

  1. May I add a few more observations.
    Dr.Herion-Caude is astonished that the National Assembly is arbitrarily making laws about people’s lives, making traumatic decisions diametrically opposed to the recommendations, caveats, and research of France’s most prestigious Academy of Medicine. She fears that people today are not only “brainwashed” with one-dimensional reporting about the necessity of confinement to their stalls or cells (aka homes), but have also become big Pharma’s “guinea pigs” forced to take experimental genetic-modifying “vaccines” with, she predicts, long-term ravages and hereditary damages, or short-term toxicity.

    She deplores that the current political agenda which, far from any basis on free interchange of experts in biochemistry, genetics, and virology, follows the Darwinian axiom of “survival of the fittest.”

    That last comment should come to us as a(nother) shocking surprise. Darwinian “naturalism” hinges on a “herd mentality” and “might-makes-right” determinism whereby weaker animals —-the “sick,” aged, unfit, vulnerable, any and all outsiders—- must die or forcibly submit to pack leaders, the most physically strong and mentally ruthless. This principle of “biological necessity” implies that our so-called civilization is really a dangerous jungle of predators and prey. Traditional principles of Good and Evil, of Conscience, of Free Will, are no longer absolute, but actually irrelevant. Secular Progressivism puts everything in a state of continual change, not only living things but Truth itself.

    Pope Pius IX in his 1864 encyclical “Quanta Cura” condemned Naturalism because “It dares to teach that Progress requires human society to be conducted and governed without regard to…the authority of Divine Revelation…Then, the people’s will, manifested by public opinion, constitutes supreme law, and in the political order has the force of right.” His last sentence could be updated to say that “the Globalist will, manifested by Social Media and technocratic Scientism, constitutes the supreme law, and in politics has the force of what is pronounced authentic and requisite.”

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