By your own words, shall you be judged — Mt 12:37
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4 thoughts on “By your own words, shall you be judged — Mt 12:37”

  1. Anyone who wears a red or pink zucchetto while not believing in the physical resurrection of Christ or the virgin birth is an infidel & Apostate. From the beginning he supported the election of JB to the PO, had harsh words for the Dubia Cardinals & was not in favour of an investigation into PBXVI’s invalid resignation. His sudden sacking from heading the CDF by JB hasn’t blighted his liking for giving interviews in the hope, IMO, that he stays at the forefront of possible replacement for the Antipope when he either resigns or dies. He, like so many in our prelature, are simply not Catholic in the true sense & should never have risen to the offices they occupy. They are all VII men imbued with the false ecumenism of the NWO & have little time for Tradition which covers our Liturgy, Sacraments & Ten Commandments. St.Paul bluntly stated that apart from the resurrection our faith and message are in vain (1 Corinthians 15:12-19).

    1. Agreed. Clerical climbers. Classic posturing nay groveling for ‘relevance’ and power even to a false pope working for the lord of this world. Unbelievable.

  2. Ha! One doesn’t often consider that even some ‘conservatives’ were made and coined by Antipope Bergoglio, like Gerhard “The Clown” Mueller, as he is known in some Vatican circles. He is after all the cardinal clown who dared deny the perpetual virginity of Our Lady.

    The haplessness of such ‘conservatives’ creates a wide avenue for satan to steamroll the opposition and drive the sheep exactly where he (satan) and Antipope “Francis” (his vicar) want to lead them:

    Over the cliff like the possessed swineherd and straight into Hell. (Which doesn’t exist, of course, Bergoglio assures us, and even if it does, no one, not even ‘saint’ Judas, is in it.)

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