Italy: Goldman Sachs Dictator moves to require Vaxx to vote and run for elected office

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The ultimate goal of Globalists: to strip every human citizen who opposes them of every human and civil liberty, is in the works in the Italian Parliament: Mario Draghi, former Goldan Sachs VP and former Bank of Italy President, has declared his intention to extend the “Green Passport” or Death Vaxx Passport to include voting and running for office.

This will guarantee that no one who refuses the Vaxx or submission to the New World Order Death Cult will be able to participate in public life or chose the leaders of Italy’s future.

The move, already seen with shocked-yes, inside the Prime Minister’s own office — who leaked it to the press — is being called the Atomic Bomb of Italian Politics.

This move will make necessary armed civil rebellion, because if passed into law, there will no longer be an Italian Republic which embraces every citizen: there will be only a Nazi Sanitary State with Party Members’ privileges and a subclass of slaves with no rights.

Click the image above to read the original article in Italian, at il Tempo.

Critics of FromRome.Info ridiculed this journal in May when we warned that Draghi was making the Vaxx obligatory for all Italian residents.  Our interpretation of his actions and intentions then, has proven 100% correct.

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3 thoughts on “Italy: Goldman Sachs Dictator moves to require Vaxx to vote and run for elected office”

  1. We can expect the same sooner or later in every Freemasonic pseudodemocracy around the world.

  2. Heavens—One needs a vaccine to do just about everything nowadays—-From attendingDeep State Catholic Novus Ordo Sect Churches to voting—Well isn’t that too bad—Everyone by now should know what these globalist intend—Rewards for those who take the vaccine–and all the rights and privileges to the vaccinated ( for they shall soon die)—It must be they intend this—For why should a vaccinated person FEAR an unvaccinated person? Aren’t theses vax pushers COVID safe ( their vaccinated right?)? What a crazy story if ever there was one(!)

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