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Italy: Goldman Sachs Dictator moves to require Vaxx to vote and run for elected office

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The ultimate goal of Globalists: to strip every human citizen who opposes them of every human and civil liberty, is in the works in the Italian Parliament: Mario Draghi, former Goldan Sachs VP and former Bank of Italy President, has declared his intention to extend the “Green Passport” or Death Vaxx Passport to include voting and running for office.

This will guarantee that no one who refuses the Vaxx or submission to the New World Order Death Cult will be able to participate in public life or chose the leaders of Italy’s future.

The move, already seen with shocked-yes, inside the Prime Minister’s own office — who leaked it to the press — is being called the Atomic Bomb of Italian Politics.

This move will make necessary armed civil rebellion, because if passed into law, there will no longer be an Italian Republic which embraces every citizen: there will be only a Nazi Sanitary State with Party Members’ privileges and a subclass of slaves with no rights.

Click the image above to read the original article in Italian, at il Tempo.

Critics of FromRome.Info ridiculed this journal in May when we warned that Draghi was making the Vaxx obligatory for all Italian residents.  Our interpretation of his actions and intentions then, has proven 100% correct.

The Globalists are losing their grip on Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The recent decree of Mario Draghi — former Goldman Sachs investment agent — is the straw which has broken the back of compliance in Italy. A decisive slice of Italian society has now opened their eyes to the Pandemic and seen it for what it is: an invented excuse for the enslavement of humanity.

The indications for this are found everywhere. As an anthropologist-journalist I will recount the variety of evidence which is mounting every day.

Four women are stopped by the Carabinieri for walking the streets without masks after midnight. They refuse to comply with orders and are each given 2 misdemeanors. The combined cost would be about 4000 euros. While they officers are writing up the complaints, one of the woman reasons with the police and explains that these controls are entirely unconstitutional, illegal and in humane.  —  In the end, the Carabinieri rip up their own police reports and let the woman go free and unmasked.

A group of youth, who have not been seen in a year, are found on the streets after midnight. One is wearing a mask. I greeted them the first time and told them all to stop wearing the mask since it is nothing but a sign of political submission to fraud. They greeted me with joy again last night, all without masks and at my urging promised to spread among the youth of the city the message of resistance to globalism. I told them that the globalists were trying to rob them of their youth. And they resoundingly agreed.

A woman is stopped at the train station for not wearing a mask. The two policemen threaten her with a massive fine. In the midst of her explanation why its all a big Scam, they decide to not fine her and one of the officers rips off his own mask in a sign of agreement!

I met another patriot a few days ago, and we got to talking about the horrible side effects of the vaccine.  She told me that 10 of her associates HAVE DIED days after taking it. Families are not taking the excuse that it is COVID related, and are suing the Government, the Hospitals, the Doctors and the Vaccine company: Pfizer.

After curfew more and more youth  can be found on the street. The Police see them and do nothing. Even businessmen are now letting patrons into their stores without masks.

Everyone is fed up the the fraud. And the new government decree which will mandate Vaccine passports has everyone talking about revolution. If Mario Draghi thinks he will escape Italy alive, I would urge him to board a plane for Goldman Sachs in New York City as soon as possible.

How I love Italians!

The U.S. State Department is clearly worried about the situation in Italy. So they just published on April 20, 2021 a level 4 warning to all U.S. Citizens telling them NOT to travel to Italy. They claim that it is because Covid-19 is endemic in Italy. But now you know the real reason.


CREDITS: The featured image is a screenshot of the official TV channel, Stv, of the Italian Senate in action. Paragone stands to denounce the borrowing of monies from the EU as a scam to destroy Italy.

Steve Bannon, Globalist 5th Column

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Former Goldman Sachs Vice President, Steve Bannon is as busy as ever in infiltrating opposition to the Globalist Reset and repurposing it to maintain the Great Reset agenda.

I know this from my personal experience. A week ago, after being calumniated by ANSA as a “far right” extremist, I was invited by someone I know to a meeting at Benevento, Italy, to hear a proposal about forming a national alliance against the tyranny of globalism in Italy.

The first speaker praised Benevento for expelling the Papal Legate in 1855, back when Benevento was a possession of the Papal States.

The second speaker said he was “proud to be a Fascist”.

The third speaker said we had to beware of Globalists creating fake opposition!

While he was talking, the hostess of the meeting received a phone call from Benjamin Harwell, right hand of Steve Bannon in Italy, and close collaborator in the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, where, with the aid of Cardinal Burke, the institute sought and obtained a 100 year contract to use the Trisulti Monastery to promote Judeo-Christian Politics in Europe.  — Steve Banon is a self-proclaimed “Christian Zionist”, and term which means that he is a collaborator with the Rothchilds state of Israel.

During Harwell’s talk — the hostess insisted in connecting the cellphone to the loudspeaker system in a makeshift sort of way — he said that Italians need to reject categories of the Right and Left, which had to do with the controversy over the Monarchy of Louis XVI, since there is no longer a French monarchy.

At that I walked out, and so did many other Catholics after myself.  There is just so much B.S. that you can suffer to hear in 15 minutes.

Fascism, Nazism and Marxism and Socialism are all creations of what we call the Globalists today. Whether the Skull and Bones Banks in New York City or the Pilgrim Society network in the UK, you can trace all these groups to one or the other.

But the constant theme is that the Catholic Church must be destroyed, unbridled immigration must be pushed, and that Bergoglio is the Pope.

Steve Bannon recently was pardoned by Trump, a life long servant of the Skull and Bones Lodge, for having defrauded a U. S. Charity which was raising money to build a border wall.  He was also involved in the Trisulti Monastery proposal, where the Dignitatis Humanae institute is being charged with 5 counts of fraud in its application, since it never had the resources or contractual consortium partners it claimed on its application to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

The meeting in Benevento was to form a Tricolore Resistance, which would oppose the government of Mario Draghi — IF he made vaccination obligatory for everyone.  Draghi is also a former Goldman Sachs employee, so you can connect the dots, here, from one to the other, through the word, “IF”,

For sane individuals, there is no longer any need to add an “if” to resisting the powers of Globalism. Bannon knows that, and so he is intimately involved in organizing groups which propose the if, so as to neutralize them.

As part of the administration of Trump which in its last year pushed the Scamdemic, and who still pushes it, Bannon showed his colors in his recent video with Liz Yore, when, at the end, during her declamation against Bergoglio, he hastened to cut her off.  Bannon knows what limits in discourse must be set. He wants you to fixate on what he is pointing at, so you ignore who is standing behind him.

Goldman Sachs is an investment bank and security underwriter which supported Germany in World War I until 1917. Marcus Goldman, its founder, was an Ashkenazi from Bavaria, whose grandfather’s name was Jonathan Marx.  So it is no surprise then that a former VP of Goldman Sachs is involved in a political alliance which is to neutralize opposition to the Great Reset (promoted by Goldman Sachs).  It’s the same politics and economics as ever.  It’s called risk management.


CREDITS:  The featured image of Steve Bannon in 20120, is used from this source.