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    1. Well of course, doh! Humans THINK! Digital Journos are PRE-PROGRAMMED. Also Zach is a truth teller who will be you know………..ahem, may God protect him, goal is total control of all human beings.

      Globalists is the correct word, Globalists are real evil human beings who are megalomaniacs out of control freak tyrants, out to destroy all traditional Judeo Christian human way of life.

      The Globalists are oligarchs who control the UN the WEF the WHO et al, the elitist corrupt corptocracy, banksters, BigPharma, BigTech are in a word criminals who need to face Court for violations of data privacy rights.

      1. Nell Pursey: About “Judeo Christian” and “Globalists ”

        1. “Judeo Christian” is a LIE

        “Judeo Christian” is one of the BIGGEST LIEs and deceptions because Judaism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other and because Jesus was NOT a Jew! The Bible NEVER called Jesus a Jew!

        Judaism has ZERO things in common with Christianity because it rejects Jesus Christ and is waiting for its own version of “moshiach” (messiah).

        Judaism’s religion book is the Talmud that blasphemes against Jesus and Mary

        Jesus Was Not A Jew, Either By Religion Or By Ancestry

        Jesus Was Not A Jew https://biblicisminstitute.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/jesus-was-not-a-jew/

        2. “Globalists” is NOT the correct word

        Globalists are their masks and they have A REAL NAME and they OWN HOLLYWOOD and ALL major TV networks and NEWS. https://themillenniumreport.com/2016/05/the-motherlode-of-jewish-lists-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-jewish-control-of-american-society/






  1. Those who are awake do not go on Twitter… must post to Brighteon, Gab, Telegram, Rumble or Bitchute.

    1. I want to help the sleepers on Twitter.
      Going on Gab is like preaching to your own parish.
      So, go on Twitter and tell the truth.

  2. Brother Alexis, can you monitor MG’s comment? His links are full of sweeping claims targeting all Jews. Do you agree that to make claims against Jews without a modifier is harmful toward Jews like Dr. Zelenko? There are modifiers like Zionist, cabbalist, etc. used by Henry Makow which are helpful. It’s all over the net.

    1. I understand his links to refer to Sabbateans. Having what a Sabbatean explained to me for the fist time last month, I now realize that what we man by “Jews” in the West, when we refer to those who are involved in a diabolic plot against humanity, is Sabbateans. I have published an article or two about this, if I remember correctly, but not all of my readers are upto date…

      1. What kind of “modifier and monitor” is Siena talking about? What planet is she/he living on? Is she/he afraid of the truth? Our Lord Jesus Christ has been blasphemed upon with all kinds of name-calling and with so many derogatory Hollywood films; the latest film they are making is “The Lesbian Christ” starring Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson! Catholic churches are being burned down and hundreds of statues of Our Lady are being decapitated…..and Siena is crying crocodile tears for “modifier and monitor?” She/he should get out of this Catholic website! We have freedom of speech WITHIN A CATHOLIC WEBSITE. Christ said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” These links are made by truth-tellers who have been banned by her/his people in YouTube and Twitter and PayPal.

        Their Talmud states that ALL Christians and non-Jews are “all goyim (‘cattle’) made with demonic beast souls created to serve only them.” This is why they created these evil Covid vaccines to trace everyone like cattle. Worst of all, the Talmud blasphemes against Our Lord and Our Lady (won’t repeat them here.) See all their disgusting blasphemies here http://www.talmudunmasked.com/



        Since we are at it, TRUMP is NOT a CHRISTIAN but an actor and a CON-ARTIST par excellence! ALL Christians must boycott his ralLIES filled with LIES.

        Listen to him brag that he is “THE FATHER of the COVID VACCINES” in his latest interview with Fox. “Sorry, folks, but TRUMP IS TOAST! Listen to THIS!!!!!!” https://stateofthenation.co/?p=80200

        Trump is the highest paid actor on the planet and he converted to another religion https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/08/dead-jewish-whistleblower.html and https://rense.com/general96/trumpkabbal.html

        Trump dossier https://fitzinfo.net/2018/01/06/trump-dossier-2018/

        Trump is the 8th of The Top 10 Most Evil People in 2020 https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/4101/The-Top-Ten-Most-Evil-People-In-2020.aspx





        WAKE UP, CATHOLICS! Get out of the devil’s “Judeo Christian” LIE, TRAP and DECEPTION!

        Jesus Was Not A Jew, Either By Religion Or By Ancestry

        Jesus Was Not A Jew https://biblicisminstitute.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/jesus-was-not-a-jew/


      2. Yes, but we cannot ignore that its those who reject the Torah who are pushing the Scamdemic. These are the Sabbatean or Frankists, not the rank and file Talmudic Hebrews.

  3. MG,
    In addition to the derogatory films about Our Lord Jesus Christ, did you know that they have already made a disgusting fictitious film called, “Gay Jesus” just in time for Christmas last year? And “Corpus Christi” depicting Christ and His Disciples as homosexuals. ” https://fitzinfo.net/soviet-sexuality/ So maybe after “The Lesbian Christ” their next psychotic film will be “The Transgender Christ.” They had a fictitious series in Netflix called “The Messiah” and now they have “The Chosen One.” These kinds of films can only be inspired from the bowels of the devil from the pit of Hell. And who exactly own Hollywood that produces all these derogatory fictitious films about Our Lord Jesus Christ? https://themillenniumreport.com/2016/05/the-motherlode-of-jewish-lists-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-jewish-control-of-american-society/
    And who are the actors and actresses?

    Christ seems to be their only endless victim even after they’ve crucified Him 2,000 years ago. http://www.drbo.org/cgi-bin/s?q=Matthew+27%3A+20-25&b=drb&t=0

    Why is it that this group is targeting and denigrating only Christ? Why don’t they do not do it also to other gods of other religions and sects, in fairness to Christ?

  4. Brother Alexis: All these links that MG gave are written by men who have been investigating this group all their life and they are in their 60’s. They are eyewitnesses and have firsthand experiences with this group of people whom they write about and they name them according to their real name. Therefore it would not be right to modify their titles and intellectual property by adding and labeling them as “Sabbatean or Frankists” or Zionists, cabalists, as “modifier and monitor”. This kind of “modifier and monitor” would only add to the long list of masks these people already use and it would be complicit to their tyranny of communism. http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/jews-created-communist-china/

    The ADL that controls YouTube and Twitter and PayPal have banned these writers. They have already paid a hefty price, including being financially deprived by PayPal and credit cards so people cannot donate to them, for telling the truth and for their investigative journalistic integrity. Please do not add “modifier and monitor” to the TRUTH of their works-of-a-lifetime. As Our Lord said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” We need their TRUTH to set humanity free.




    1. Well if they are Sabbateans or Frankists, why do you refuse to use that name. WE call masons Protestants, don’t we? If we only called Masons Christians we would appear to damna all Christians for what Masons do. And that seems to be the error of many of the links shared by MG and yourself. Its a fact that Ford wrote a book to promote hatred of all Jews according to their race. Race hatred is of the devil, no matter how good your think your intentions are, because God is the creator of the races of men, and thus to hate any one of them is to hate God. Think about that.

      1. I wouldn’t call all Protestants Masons.
        Jezus said that he would bring turn
        Matthew ‭10:34-35.
        Only our believe in Christ can save us.
        Doesn’t matter if you are a Catholic or Protestant.
        We don’t get an advantage.
        I pray for the best.

      2. If it did not matter whether you were in the Church Christ founded as the Ark of Salvation, or in a fake religion founded by wonton men, who were adulterators, fornicators, sacrileges, blasphemers, unbelievers, thieves, frauds, arrogant, proud, drunkard etc., then Jesus Christ would be an impotent joke. Think about what you are saying…

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