Corbett Report: What role will China have in the New World Order?


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4 thoughts on “Corbett Report: What role will China have in the New World Order?”

  1. Very interesting video. But how does this fit in with the fact that the government wants to merge Socialism and Confucianism (see the link below). Is this not a form of nationalism and thus anti NWO? If so, it would seem that the elite would want a war between China and the US so that the result is the discrediting of both countries as world powers and the emergence of a world government.

  2. Alois Irlmaier was a devoted son of our Lady, he said exactly what the chnese would do, it’s no mystery, just read what he said, he’ll be shown to be right yet again.

  3. Interesting for Kissinger to be Thesis presenter declaring China to NOT be historically culturally aggressive; however, financial ALLIANCE between U.S. and CCP necessary to avoid future conflict.
    Finish by repeating the SAME thesis from a Canadian debate resolution “No, the will NOT Lead in the 21st Century” regardless of the fact of behavior mirroring Hilter’s Germany and Tojo’s Japan previous to WW2. Looking forward to the next installments.

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