Dear Businessmen, grow a spine and wake up before you are checkmated!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Scamdemic could never have gone forward without the Sanitary Controls which extended the Globalists’ power base from bribed politicians and judges to the private sector, making every business a Gestapo HQ for controlling the behavior of the private citizen when he participated in economic activity.

These businessmen have to face the fact that they are a major player in the Scamdemic. And if they had not complied, it would have crumbled.

The Globalists have played the businessmen of the world by the fear of losing their business, being fined, or being closed down. But like mindless idiots, they have failed to notice that every Sanitary Control they have accepted to remain open, was designed to drive them out of business.

Let us examine these one by one:

First, the idea that your business is not essential to the economy.

That is as about an asinine statement as you can make.  The economy is not a biological organism which is maintained alive by only certain organs and not others. The economy is the whole assemblage of economic activity. To cut or turn off any part damages the whole, because it harms someone.  A free economy is the exchange of honest goods and services among the residents of every place. To hold that your business is not essential requires an entirely new conception of economics which is simply absurd.

But when you take note that the businesses controlled by the Globalists were deemed essential, and those which they did not control were deemed non-essential, you begin to understand what concept of the economy they have. So think a little and comply less.

Second, the idea that your customers have to wear masks and social distance…

Rules like this make your customer think twice about entering your store, and make him wait in lines outside when there are too many in your store.

Ask yourself why your store is such a hotbed of infection, but your national legislature, city buses, trains, etc., are not?  If there really is a virus and a dangerous one, it will spread a lot quicker in places where people come from all over the country or where they are packed shoulder to shoulder.  Your business is not like that at all. Your clients are local, regular and known to you.

So what is the real reason for these controls. To induce your client to order his products through Amazon or the mail, rather that subject himself to the hassel that he must endure if he goes into town to YOUR store.  He knows you are a Gestapo zealous rule enforcer and eventually he will go elsewhere, to the stores where these controls are not as strict or absent.

And you know what that means.

Third, the requirement that your employees be DeathVaxxed

You cannot run your business without employees. And many of you offer health insurance for them. If they take a dangerous unscientifically proven experimental injection of what scientists have now found to be a witches-brew of lethal objects and ingredients, imagine what is going to happen to YOUR workforce in the next 6 months!

That’s right. Your workforce will be wiped out. Either dead or so ill they cannot function.  Without a workforce you cannot serve your clients. So that means you cannot run your business.

Fourth, the idea that you should not allow the unvaxxed, GreenPassport rejeting clients in

That means that you are missing out on 20% or more of the potential customers. Amazon is not requiring this for home delivery. So they are taking your customers.


The Plandemic is designed to wipe out the businesses which follow the Sanitary Controls.  There is no other possible economic outcome.  You have complied and harassed your customers for the sake of staying open. But by that very act, choosing to obey irrational and illegal dictated of bribed politicians rather than defending YOUR customers, you have sealed your own doom!

Wake up!

The real honest businessman would IGNORE all the Sanitary Rules and threaten with lawsuits every official which fined or attempted to shut him down. He would organize other businessmen to do the same, and begin to to a counter boycott, say, stop all sales and services to the officials who sanction businessmen.  No cop, no mayor and no governor would be able to live 1 day if all the businessmen began to refuse to sell to him.  Thinks about it.

You have more power than those who are threatening you. Stop harassing your customers and start harassing those who harass you!

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

4 thoughts on “Dear Businessmen, grow a spine and wake up before you are checkmated!”

  1. Your editorials should be spoken to the camera too Brother, you’re a very effective presenter. And they impact a wide audience seeking clarity. Back in the day people would drive over to the Capuchin Church to talk with the porter Fr. Solanus or head over to Mount Royal to see Brother Andre. Can’t do that very much these days, need the next best thing. Just my .02

  2. Exhibit one of a real honest groceryman in America:
    Alfie Oakes “Seed to Table Market” in Naples, Florida. No masks have ever been required in his store, no customer treated like a criminal.


    Exhibit two of a NWO/controlled by fear style grocery owned by “Mill Road Capitol” (“Mother’s Market”)… “Woman who refused to wear mask in Costa Mesa, CA grocery store convicted of trespassing”

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