Now the Globalists are erasing Scientific Papers in the name of “science”

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6 thoughts on “Now the Globalists are erasing Scientific Papers in the name of “science””

  1. Communists, from the French Revolution to now, laughably claim science for themselves, all the while straight-jacketing it to the fad ideologies of the day, to the point of, say, murdering the father of modern chemistry (Lavoisier) and enslaving a generation researchers to quacks like Lysenko. The only honest words out of these ghoul’s mouths are promises to imprison and destroy.

      1. I hope they do, because they both have been proven wrong. The planets do not revolve about the Sun, they revolve about the center of gravity between them and all the other objects in the solar system. The finches Darwin saw are species did not evolve on the Islands, they are found distinct in South American in different environments.

  2. The Masonic French Revolution was helped along by other FM countries throughout the world, including America . All secret ..not in the MSM de jour. Not in history books in schools. The Communist Bolshevick Rev in 1917 was financed , aided and abetted by Wall StreetCapitalists in the good ol USA. Such HYPOCRISY….and again not in the History books.Unless you read Taylor Caldwell or Sheens Communism and the Conscience of the West.

  3. True. Yet, even in the day, prior to any of the more recent discoveries, Galileo failed miserably to prove his case. His logic was fallacious, fraught with non-sequiturs (and contemptible insults to the Pope himself and the esteemed rectors of the University of Padua). The theory wasn’t even his! (Copernicus and Tycho B.). House arrest was the best thing that ever happened to him, giving him the time (and boredom) to begin his **real** work with inclined planes, etc.

    Darwin was a fool who beget generations of intellectual fools. He laughed at Lamarck while forced by inner logic to (implicitly) appeal to the same fantasy mechanisms. Philosophy (universals in particular – indispensable to science and all human reason) is the hill all “evolution theory” variants die on. And, as you say, the empirical data is a joke.

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