CANADA: The Trucker Convoy heads to Ottawa — Amazing Footage

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7 thoughts on “CANADA: The Trucker Convoy heads to Ottawa — Amazing Footage”

  1. my previous comment here is the Truckers .. its an amazing little video to see.. HISTORIC! in Ottawa!

  2. Europe Convoy


    We must Organize by country
    Create group for each country if one has not been made
    Then organize for each individual movement
    Then we make a demonstration in each countries capital
    Then we converge on Brussels as a united Europe
    Channels so far

    Please share this far and wide!

    Attenzione !

    Dobbiamo organizzarci per paese!
    Crea un gruppo per ogni paese se non ne è stato creato uno!
    Allora organizzatevi per ogni singolo movimento!
    Poi facciamo una dimostrazione in ogni capitale del paese!
    Poi convergiamo su Bruxelles come un’Europa unita Canali finora!
    Si prega di condividere questo in lungo e in largo!

    When February 7, 2022


    Europe Convoy

    Canada Convoy 🇨🇦

    Australia Convoy 🇦🇺

    Finland Convoy 🇫🇮

    Netherlands Convoy 🇳🇱

    Czechoslovakian Convoy 🇨🇿

    Belgian Convoy 🇧🇪

    American Convoy 🇺🇸

    French Convoy 🇫🇷

    Italian Convoy 🇮🇹

    Spain Convoy 🇪🇸

    Hungarian Convoy 🇭🇺

    Portuguese Convoy 🇵🇹

    Romania Convoy 🇷🇴

    Cyprus Convoy 🇨🇾

    Lithuania Convoy 🇱🇹

    Germany Convoy 🇩🇪

    Austria_Freedom_Convoy 🇦🇹

    Brasil Convoy 🇧🇷

    Sweden Convoy 🇸🇪

    Polish Convoy 🇵🇱

    Switzerland Convoy 🇨🇭

    Denmark Convoy 🇩🇰

    Slovenia Convoy 🇸🇮

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