James Corbett on the reports of Excess Mortality in 2020-2021

A statistical study shows that all Covid deaths were deliberately caused by political decisions to impose unscientific and deadly protocols and use deadly medicines. Or in other words, there is no virus killing anyone, but there are politicians claiming that there is so that they can kill groups they want to kill to fulfill the Globalist agenda.  This data has massive moral consequences in all nations.

Stew Peters on the use of High Tech Weaponry against peaceful Australian Citizens

Editor’s Note: Nothing says you are for freedom and free speech like burning peaceful protesters with high tech weaponry just for kicks. And nothing says you stand for freedom like taking it without violent responses. However, it is clear, that the Globalists will not give up their evil plot to murder and enslave humanity without violence to oppose them, because they are even willing to use violence to oppose peaceful dissent.

CANADA: Citizen Journalist: Globalist Cavalry crushed Trucker to death, many other victims


Editor’s Note: Report begins at about 3 minutes into this video. This report also documents that the Gestapo are deploying LRAD weapons against the free citizens of Canada.

The Toronto Sun is confirming the attack on the crowd:

More confirmations of the reckless cavalry maneuver which accompanied a massive police push to retake the square. This was clearly orchestrated and planned with disregard for human life:

More violence was perpetrated, too:

But here is the excuse of the Ottawa Police for harming citizens:

But the claim was false:

Finally, here is 8 hours of live coverage which record the events of yesterday’s fateful day:

As in everything, even eye witnesses can be confused. Others are saying, it was a woman who was trampled, saying nothing about a skull being crushed:

We will have to wait some days to see if there is any confirmations from relatives or family, for at this point no one can trust what the police might say, if someone was killed.