The Sect which Pope Benedict XVI punished, and to which Bishop Athanasius Schneider belongs

Editor’s Note: Thanks to a reader, I have found a deep personal reason for Bishop Athanasius Schneider to reject Pope Benedict and embrace Bergoglio, the idol-worshipper.

He was a member of Opus Angelorum for 23 years until his ordination as a Bishop. Opus Angelorum is a sect whose bizarre devotion to angels, good and evil, was condemned by Pope Benedict XVI.

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5 thoughts on “The Sect which Pope Benedict XVI punished, and to which Bishop Athanasius Schneider belongs”

  1. Sorry. The background of Bishop Schneiders remark is Opus Dei. That’s a sect also at hindsight..

  2. An update: the last document issued by the CDF under the command of BXVI (2010) places the OA and the Canons of the Holy Cross in full communion with the Church, distinguishing, however, a sectarian branch of the same that did not comply with the directives of the aforementioned Congregation , and “discreetly” impersonates Church members:

    1. Am particularly grateful for this contribution on two counts: 1) had been on hand for a day retreat conducted by another OCR priest which had included a conference on the OA devotion & had been nothing but deeply edified by an entirely orthodox presentation. 2) It strikes me as highly unlikely that Bp Athanasius would reduce himself to so petty a motive for supporting the Bergoglian regime. To the contrary, he has owed his elevation to the episcopate to the very first year of B16’s reign; he may be susceptible to gravely faulty reasoning, but I refuse to take him as spiteful against his “father” within the Apostolic College.

  3. Wow! It now makes sense! It was hard to comprehend and I wondered why, all of a sudden Athanasius Schneider ‘jumped over to Jorge’s court’, now it’s clear. If he truly belongs to that OA. Also, Schneider is very familiar with Astana. No need to say more.

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