SARS-COV-2, the Virus which never existed except in the Globalist Narrative

Editor’s Note: This is an excellent historical summary, though it is missing some data points, such as, that in Italy, Bergamo was the ground center of a massive winter flu vaccination project, as was first to report:

However, THIS VIDEO contains a most important testimony from 7 labs which attempted 3 times to isolate Sars-Cov-19, as part of a NIH funded grant. And what they found.

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5 thoughts on “SARS-COV-2, the Virus which never existed except in the Globalist Narrative”

  1. It all goes back to the lie of Louis Pasteur at the time.

    On has been published a series of articles about that.
    Prior to that, this information once already came from a different source.
    So, a virologist studies something non existing………

  2. AMAZING! She is right to tell people not to follow doctors who are not acknowledging the fact that there is no such thing as COVID 19 virus. Everything that follows the premise that this virus actually exists is based off of a lie.

    Also, very interesting info on polio.
    Thanks for sharing this most awesome video, Br. Bugnolo!!

  3. I would need more than this to convince people around me of the different symptoms they have experienced: In particular, how to explain the hospitalizations of three overweight men I know, in their 50’s, in March 2020. One of them, I think had a flu vaccine the year before, but if it was tainted, how is it that he did not get sick when he got the flu vaccine in 2019, but was hospitalized in March 2020….

    If this is in fact the truth (and I don’t deny the possibility), it is necessary to be able to have an explanation for everything we have experienced, early on in 2020, when no one was vaccinated.

    1. People go to the hospital all the time. But when there is a world wide MKUltra project to push hypocondria, more people go to hospitals…

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